Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pathbreakers and Top Model on ETV

ETV one of Sri Lanka's leading FTA English Language Television Stations that has the FTA broadcast rights for American Idol has taken a step further and is introducing more reality shows. "Pathbreakers" is the first locally produced corporate reality television show in the country. It features several teams competing against each other and vying for the title of Pathbreaker.

In addition to this ETV is planning to telecast the reality television show America's Next Top Model. American Idol is the most popular reality show among the English speaking audience in Sri Lanka and whether America's Next Top Model can achieve the same level of popularity is yet to be seen.

We hope that the other English Language Channels take steps and introduce programmes like Pirate Master, The Amazing Race, etc. Art TV which telecasted "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" earlier is now telecasting reruns of the old "The Apprentice" instead of the new season. We hope that the old rerun would be stopped and replaced by the latest season or with a newer season of "Survivor". Channel One MTV should also take steps to introduce reality shows on their lineup of programmes instead of limiting themselves to what they are telecasting at the moment. Several reality shows are available on pay television in Sri Lanka but still the penetration of pay television in Sri Lanka is very low, therefore the public is not fortunate enough to view some of the top rated reality shows due to the local channels except a few not showing any interest to telecast them.

America's Next Top Model is also broadcast on Zee Cafe which is a pay television channel available on Dialog TV, LBN and very soon on Comet Digital.

Pathbreakers Website :

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