Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Hiru TV" test transmissions now on

Sri Lanka's latest television channel Hiru TV will be launching soon on Dialog TV & PEO TV. The channel is currently carrying out test transmissions on both the pay television networks now for a few weeks. The exact launch date is not known but it could be somewhere in January 2012.

With Hiru TV the ABC Group which is well known for it's radio stations will be be foraying into the television industry. At the moment we are unable to ascertain whether this channel will be available FTA sometime in the future or whether it will cater solely to the pay television market.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Hiru TV as the days progress.


3zzz said...

Hiru TV will be available on FTA.

According to ABC they are planning to launch Hiru TV with island-wide coverage using several transmission locations including Nuwara-eliya.

Target timeline is March 2012.

All the transmitters and equipments have already arrived to Sri Lanka and now at their warehouse.

Pushpamal said...

Hiru TV Commence Transmission FTA Before April 2012

Hiru TV UHF Channel


Rasika said...

Any news about SHA FM? Becuase on 1st January this year, when they relaunched SUN FM, they have boasted that they will relaunch SHA FM during the next few months of the year. But we are now almost at the the end of this year and there is no sign of relaunching the SHA.

3zzz said...

@ Rasika,

Yes, there is no news abt Sha re-launching so far. According to ABC, they are fully focused on Hiru TV now.

Anyway, there is reliable news saying Vendol Radio will be launched on Jan 1st or within the month of January,


Youth Radio is going to change their name in to 'Rivira FM' while Your Radio in to 'CSN FM'. Since VIS Broadcasting now managed by CSN, they are planning to move the Youth & Your studios in to CSN premises located at Battaramulla. The reason to change 'Youth' in to 'Rivira' is believe it be the new management at Rivira Newspaper is investing on them.

3zzz said...

Vendol Radio will be launched on Jan 1st as VIP Radio

nilantha said...


Then what gonna happen to VIS TV? Is it also gonna revamp like Your Radio and Youth Radio?

3zzz said...

@ Nilantha,

Well may be they will change its name but I do not think they can change CCTV News channel.

CCTV has a agreement with VIS to re-telecast it here so CCTV won't change.

Rasika said...


Acutally there is rumour that Mr. Namal Rajapaksha owns the CSN network. What is the actual situation at CSN. Who owns it. Either Rivira media or Mr. Namal Rajapaksha.

Mario said...

As far as i know, CSN is owned by one of the Rajapakse brothers.


3zzz said...

@Rasika, Mario

Well yes, there is a strong here-say that CSN is owned by Rajapaksas.

Specially the UNP and JVP were questioning about it's establishment, procedure of obtaining frequencies, license.

Moreover, CSN has controversially obtained the telecasting rights of recent SL matches by defeating Rupavahini bids and organized a massive 2day motor race at the heart of Colombo by closing down the main streets and roads.

Yes, one can strongly believe that CSN has a powerful hand behind its control to do such things....

BUT according to the Registrar of Companies CSN has no Rajapaksas at their directors board.

So nobody can prove it, only who knows know it!

Here is a link to an article published on the 'Sunday Leader' newspaper abt CSN and its ownership.

nilantha said...

@3zzz, and Pushpamal,

As I know this the year that all the TV stations must start to convert their transmission to Digital transmission. So what's the mean of Hiru TV getting the analogue frequencies? They could straight away start as a Digital TV channel rather than starting as an analogue channel and then converting to Digital channel, right?

Like to know you guys ideas, and inside stories.

Kumar said...

If each station give one frequency for Digital TV it is again like Analog, there is no frequency, I don't think each station will start individually.

Yohan Dalpatadu said...

Guys, Does Siyatha TV going to change as MMN Television tomorrow (6th Jan)???? Because yesterday I saw an advertistment on Siyatha TV regarding that...

oshada said...

when hiru tv launching?
Do you have any further details!

Chander said...

New Tamil Radio Station on test 104.00 FM.......
Alai FM which will be the sister radio channel to Dan TV under ASK Media Pvt Ltd.........

Meantime this will be the 1st ever digital radio station covering all island....

Media Sri Lanka said...

104.0 FM Mhz
Frey FM
Tamil Radio Channel

Chander said...

104.0 FM is Alai FM......Under Ask Media.......Who owns Dan Tv.....

Udana said...

Hiru TV is digital ready and HD ready.

TOSS said...

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

Transmission frequency reserved for TNL illegally allocated to another

In separate letters addressed to Lalith Weeratunga, Chairman and Anusha Palpita Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, the Chairman of the Teleshan Network Shaan Wickremesinghe has alleged that the transmission frequency reserved for his network has been illegally allocated to another network.

In his letter to the Chairman of the TRC, Lalith Weeratunga, Wickremesinghe notes that several TV stations are in real trouble due to the TRC issuing their frequencies to a favoured lot who are re-organizing to start fresh.

Writing to the Director General of the TRC Anusha Palpita, Wickremesinghe says that Channel 26
had been used by his network for twenty years, but his network had recently received several complaints that viewers were unable to view his channel due to severe interference.

He goes on to say that upon investigation, it was revealed that Asia Broadcasting had been allocated
the use of Channel 26 from Gammaduwa using 10 kilowatts of power, which is an illegal act by the
TRC which is currently a member of the International Telecommunication Union.

He also makes note of his surprise as to why the TRC issued frequencies to Asia Broadcasting and Voice of Asia after obtaining reservation charges from his network.

Wickremesinghe points out that some years ago these channels were issued channels around 40, but they were cancelled by the TRC as they were not used.

He noted that Asia Broadcasting then went to court to get back the original channels.

Wickremesinghe says that it is therefore a mystery as to why their original channels were not allocated
and instead, his channels in the same area were issued.

In his letter the Chairman of the Teleshan network requests the Director General to stop this illegal
transmission and adhere to the frequency reservations already made according to the seniority of

He went on to outline the definition of the word "reservation" according to the Oxford dictionary, as,
quote, "…keeping aside or booking or part of an agreement to keep something reserved" unquote.

Meanwhile, reports reveal that several other networks affected by this arbitrary allocation of
frequencies would be taking this matter up with the TRC in the next few days.

Tag: Sri Lanka News, Newsfirst, Lankanews, Chairman of the TRC, Anusha Palpita Director General of
the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, Chairman of the Telshan network Shaan Wickramasinghe

SLP said...

I have an issue to clarify and really appreciate if someone could let this info.

By saying 'First Digital TV' does this Hiru TV is transmitting through digital signals to the viewer?
Since, I got a DVB-T tuner and scanned the channel but it didn't tuned to the channel.

Does this channel can be viewed through DVB-T tuner or its just as plain as analog TV tuner only?

Please advise

Kumar said...

Who will broadcast Olympic 2012? It was originally given to Rupavahni, but no Sirasa says they have rights? Is it illegal??

Unknown said...

you are right this is is fake news how they can give digital hd signal from analog system