Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New FM frequency allocations

The new FM frequency allocations which will take effect on November 1st 2012 are as follows

English Language Stations
E FM 88.3 MHz
Gold FM 93.0 MHz, 93.2 MHz
Kiss FM 96.9 MHz
Lite FM 87.6 MHz, 87.8 MHz
Real Radio 97.1 MHz
Sun FM 98.7 MHz, 98.9 MHz
TNL Rocks 99.2 MHz
Yes FM 100.8 MHz, 101.0 MHz
Radio Sri Lanka 97.4 MHz, 97.6 MHz
Red FM 99.5MHz, FM 99.7MHz

Sinhala Language Stations
FM Derana 92.2 MHz, 92.4 MHz
Hiru FM 96.1 MHz, 96.3 MHz
Lak FM 106.0 MHz,106.2 MHz
Lakhanda 93.5 MHz, 93.7 MHz
Neth FM 94.8 MHz, 95.0 MHz
Ran FM   100.5MHz
Rhythm FM 95.6 MHz, 95.8 MHz
Shree FM 100.0 MHz, 100.2 MHz
City FM 89.6 MHz, 89.8 MHz,
Swadeshiya Sevaya 90.3 MHz, 90.3 MHz, 97.0 MHz, 98.3 MHz, 99.6 MHz, 102.0 MHz, 107.6 MHz
Velanda Sevaya 93.3FM, 106.9FM, 92.7FM
Kothmale FM 98.4 MHz,
Singha FM 88.6 MHz, 88.8 MHz
Sirasa FM 106.5 MHz, 106.7 MHz
Siyatha FM 98.2MHz, 98.4MHz
V FM 107.0 MHz
Y FM 92.7 MHz
Rangiri Sri Lanka FM 104.4MHz 105.7MHz
Isira TNL FM 89.1MHz FM 89.3MHz
Bauddaya Guwan Viduliya(The Buddhist) FM 101.3MHz FM 101.5MHz
Kirula FM FM 96.6 MHz
Rajarata Sewaya FM 107.3MHz
VIP Radio FM 94MHz
Kandurata Sewaya FM 107.3MHz
Shaa FM FM 90.9MHz, FM 91.1MHz.
Seth FM FM 101.8MHz
Kandurata FM FM 107.3MHz, FM 107.5MHz
Lakviru FM 105.2MHz, FM 105.4MHz

Tamil Language Stations
Alai FM 91.4 MHz
Shakthi FM 103.9 MHz, 104.1 MHz
Tamil National Service 102.1 MHz, 102.3 MHz
Thendral 104.7 MHz, 104.9 MHz
Sooriyan FM 103.4 MHz, 103.6 MHz
Vasantham FM 102.6 MHz, 102.8 MHz
Vettri FM 90.4 MHz, 90.6 MHz
Velichcham FM 92.7 MHz

In addition to frequency changes, some of the radio stations are changing their hotlines. We hope we covered all the radio stations Please do keep us updated on any mistakes or stations that we may have missed in the list.

Updated : October 31st 2012, corrected frequencies & added new stations to list. A big thank you for our fellow bloggers for the information.


Mario said...


SIYATHA FM 98.2 & 98.4
Shaa FM 90.9 & 91.1

Also Ran FM - 100.5 not 101.5
101.5 is Bauddaya Guwan Viduliya FM 101.3MHz FM 101.5MHz

Mario said...

Also everlasting radio ??

Rasika said...


some thing wrong

Sinhala national service - 91.7 & 91.9

Sinhala commercial service - 94.3 & 94.5

Rasika said...


one more thing,

Seth FM - 101.8mhz - Negombo

Kandurata FM - 107.3mhz & 107.5mhz

Unknown said...

කොහමද YFM හා වෙළඳ සේවය 92.7 න් දෙකම දෙන්නේ

Anonymous said...

Kirula FM will be on 96.6 MHz

Unknown said...

RED fm 99.5 99.7
Lakviru 105.2 105.4

Unknown said...

Ruhunu Sewaya?

Unknown said...

I think Ruhuna Rajarata & Kandurata given the same frequencies since they are regional services.
Don't know about Time Radio, Uva Community Service & other community radio's frequencis

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please note that the post has been updated. A big thank you to our fellow bloggers for the information concerned.


Rasika said...

There is an issue because TRC has given only one frequency for all most all the regional services. so there could be interferences. Especially when Kandurata and Rajarata is on same frequency from Hunasgiriya and Karagahatenna, we might have problems in listening to either of these station (especially when you are in Matale or Dambulla area).

Also I have just heard that SLBC is going to use high powered transmitters from tommorow.

Mario said...

TRC Link


Sam said...

what is the language of Global Radio ?

any one know ?

and about lakviru media (mawbima radio )

Sam said...

Srilanken biggets Fm Radio Channel's Launching from Next month

Shaa fm Starting tomorrow

Red fm starting

Golbal radio

Lakviru (mawbima radio)

Sam said...

Shaa fm on Air from Tomorrow (it will mainly focus music)
(Nonstop Music radio Channel 24 hrs)

Sam said...

105.4 frequency active (Mawbima Radio Comming from tomorrow

Sam said...

Vip radio now on air form fm 94

Anonymous said...

What Happened To Everlasting Radio

Sam said...

They have also got a frequncy but they are net mentioning it i dont know why is that

Because there was a message on the website they are going to some with new frequncy from tomrrow

Mahen said...

what is globle radio 103.1 in wiki they mentioned as new tamil radio station on testing

Sam said...

what about global radio and lakviru fm are they starting the channels soon

Sam said...

long wait Shaafm now on air 90.9 and 91.1

Dilruk said...

This Is Good Work. But Srilanka Television Channels Cant Be Watch As This Same Issue. MENY OF Televison Channels Are Interferer To Other Channels. Due To SRILANKA TRC Issue. SRILANKA TRC Is Sleeping Away. If Any Of TRC Engineer See My Complant Please Reallocate ALL TV Tranmissions...

Rajesh Chandran said...

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Unlike additional blogs I have read. I also found it very interesting. In fact after reading,
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Unknown said...


can't listen Y FM from bandarawela....

Heshan said...

what is the frequency range of rupavahini channel??

Unknown said...

Wht about Tv channels

Unknown said...

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raj said...

I used to listen to Srilanka Broadcasting corp on SW 2 in the 90s, from India to the ENG SERVICE as well as the Asia seva vibhagha airing hindi and kannada etc film songs.I dont remember the two station frequencies.Do these stations and the progs still exist and air? Please can anybody tell me how do i listen to those stations online. Thanks

Nuwan said...

Rigt things publish

Sahan said...

Singha FM 88.6 MHz, 88.8 MHz is now Sitha FM http://sithafm.lk/