Friday, July 27, 2012

TV Lanka launches DVB-T pay television service

TV Lanka has launched their very own DVB-T pay television service with coverage limited to the colombo city limits. The channel list consists of a mix of HD & SD feeds. However it should be stated that the HD feeds are been broadcast to the subscribers as SD feeds and not in HD quality.

A problem we see with this is that in the case of the Taj Television channels they broadcast only Ten HD & Ten Cricket. The major disadvantage is that not all the programmes on Ten Sports is available on Ten HD since Ten HD broadcasts a mixture of content from Ten Sports, Ten Cricket & Ten Action. So it would have been better for them to add Ten Sports & Ten Action as separate channels instead of Ten HD. We see this repeated a few times with other channels too. We hope they review their channel lineup and do the needful to rectify the situation.

Given below is the channel lineup of the DVB-T service

1. TV Lanka
2. TV Lanka-movie
3. TV Lanka-songs
4. Rupavahini
5. ITN
6. Channel EYE
7. Swarnawahini
8. Derana
9. TNL
10. The Buddhist
11. BBC
12. CNN
13. Net Geo HD
14. Discovery Planet
15. Animal Planet
16. FOX traveler
17. POGO
18. Cartoon Network
19. Sun TV
20. KTV
21. STAR Vijay
22. Kaliganar TV
23. Adithya TV
24. Jaya Movies
25. Chitti TV
26. Jaya TV
27. Sun Music
28. TEN cricket
29. Neo Prime
30. Star Cricket HD
31. TEN HD
33. HBO
34. Star Movies HD
35. Movies Now HD
36. STAR Plus HD
37. Zee TV HD
38. Angel TV
39. Peace TV
40. CH40
41. Chanel 41


Unknown said...

This is an interesting experiment. While a normal UHF antenna is not capable of capturing HD quality, the quality difference between HD and HD should be apparent. Another interesting scenario is that for screens up to 42”, the difference may not be apparent. Thus this could be a good option for those who have flat screens up to 42” inches and do not want to pay thousands for HD to improve their viewing experience. The HD channels should provide 16:9 pictures with better quality than SD channels. I have not seen the quality so I would not know about the picture issues. However, if there are no major mishaps, the technology provides considerably high quality pictures. Interesting experiment by a smaller player and wish him all the best. DTV and SLT made a mess out of pay-tv market so far. Hope TV Lanka does a better job.

Lankan Blogger said...

This whole thing sounds pretty dodgy. Like back when Comet Cable was advertising their digital service.

The price is ridiculously cheap for the channel set (which includes premium movie and sports channels). Also I doubt the HD channels are allowed to be provided as SD feeds. And obviously they are trying to cheat customers by not clearly mentioning that the HD channels are not real HD broadcasts.

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing is a scam. The advertisement is pretty bad as well, since this is not the "first Digital TV in Sri Lanka".

star said...

I will give you the breaking inside news.

They are takinh these channels from Videocon DTH service & re-telecasting in Colombo via DVB-T

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Technically speaking, none of the statements of the advertisement is wrong. This is the first digital TV experience in Sri Lanka (DVB-T). Dialog is satellite TV while SLT is IPTV, two different broadcasting protocols. Ruhunu Multivision (Comet) was in analog microwave. They were promising the customers that a digital conversion will take place but this did not happen.
See, it is not that they are broadcasting HD channels in SD. Through a general UHF antenna, you cannot technically capture HD but high quality pictures can be captured. Another issue is that HD channels are broadcasted in 16:9 format and SD is in 4:3 aspect format. So there will be a difference in the picture aspect. SD and HD format difference is noticeable only in screens bigger than 40”.
Considering the above facts, this is a pretty good deal. Continuity, I don’t know. But TV Lanka place has been around for a considerable period of time and is one of the prominent satellite and broadcasting equipment providers in the country. So I guess they have the knowledge in the industry to do this right.
I really wish they do this right, after DTV and PEO destroying the pay TV market of the country.

Lankan Blogger said...

Digital TV is essentially any video and sound transmitted as 0s and 1s (you must be knowing the basics). So even Dialog and PEO are digital. So it's not the "first Digital TV in Sri Lanka".

Your point about the UHF antenna not capturing HD is completely wrong. The difference between SD and HD is the amount of bandwidth needed. Either way the video is broadcast on the UHF band. The antenna is designed to receive UHF, and it can receive any UHF signal regardless of whether it is digital/analog or SD/HD.
The actual limiting factor here is the decoder unit. The decoder is built according to what sort of signal you want to decode. So the antenna can be the same and all you need is to get the appropriate DVB-T/DVB-T2, SD/HD, etc. decoder.
The quality of the picture depends on the compression and encoding used by the broadcaster, and also on the quality of the signal reaching your antenna. So terrestrial broadcasting is not much different to satellite in terms of picture quality.

And it is certainly possible to see the difference in HD and SD television on a 32" screen. I can testify to that.

Also I must note that the people running TV Lanka were responsible for the entire CBN Sat issue back in 2006, which ultimately resulted in Dialog taking over the service. I highly doubt that TV Lanka is going to do much better, and their price is still ridiculously low for the service they provide. I also doubt that they will recast the HD channels in 16:9 SD.

If they are actually sourcing channels from Videocon, it's probably illegal and we can expect many complaints from the content broadcasters.

vetop1234 said...

DVB has many Variant. They are DVB T&T2 (for Terrestrial), DVB S&S2 (for Satellite), DVB C (for Cable) and IPTV also DVB system that use internet protocol.

You can watch HD ready video if the panel size is less than 32”

It is generally considered people cannot see the difference between 1080(full HD) and 720(HD Ready) when watching from normal viewing distances on screens below 50"

Unknown said...

Does any one have experinced this TV Chanells? I was trying to contant them several times no one is answering the phone?

How can we veryfy this

DineshNS said...

Try to contact Maduranga from folowing ad.

DigitalTV said...

Check this out ...

They are broadcasting HD channels in HD Quality. But now they have only issuing SD Decoders. They replace them with HD decoders free of charge once they officially launch!
They broadcast 4 channels from Videocon until they finalize their license agreement with those channels.

Dilruk said...

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Dilruk said...

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Unknown said...

i'm using this but star cricket hd and star movies not available.there is no hindi movie channel to plus boring.

Anonymous said...

for more information

ajith nucleus said...

so sadd there is no number to reach and pay renewal dues please call 0773186261 urgent

Unknown said...

The service of the channels are soo bad, there are loads of audio out of sync. I wish I had not purchased this. Also they charged me for installation 1700rs , there was two old gentlemen who came to fix this, bless them, they couldn't even hold the ladder, we had to do the installation our selves. All in all I suggest not to purchase this as the quality is very poor.

Unknown said...

pleas show the correct contact number..

Mz Tech solution said...

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O can't find srilanka in country list of pad tv

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Unknown said...

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