Thursday, February 26, 2015

CSN to close March 1st

According to reports being received, Carlton Sports Network (CSN) is to shutdown from 1st March. Accordingly employees have been sent on leave & many are being compensated for the loss. Claiming to be a sports dedicated channel this channel however devoted much of its time to non sports related programming as well.

The channel has a redistribution agreement with Setanta Sports for the "LIVE" broadcast of rugby & has also used the transmitters of ITN to carry out it's activities. It should be stated that they used the license held by ITN to carry out their operations, since they commenced operations with the closure of Prime TV. With the channel closing down, we are not certain whether the operations will be taken over by another party. Prime TV may or may not return since that channel too was a failure.

We hope that the Setanta deal will be worked with another party, probably MTV Sports. CSN was on the verge of telecasting the ICC World Cup using rights stripped from SLRC which thankfully ended up back in SLRC's hands.

Even though it's sad to see a channel go, however the unethical practices of this channel were bound to return & bite them, one day or the other.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The demise of NTV

A few ago we witnessed the birth of a brand new channel called NTV. The channel had pathetic coverage and even more pathetic was it's content. Mainly consisting of repeats of popular TV shows, this channel was doomed from the start. Apart from a few shows the only watchable content was some classical songs that they played from time to time.

The idea behind the channel was good but the execution was a mess. The channel had no chance in the face of competition from Pay TV services and local FTA English channels.

It's actually good to have a state operated English language, but the next time this is tried out maybe more locally produced English content is the way to go.

NTV had potential but no vision. R.I.P NTV!

Friday, February 06, 2015

All about the World Cup, or is it?

Three years after the entire fiasco regarding the awarding of Cricket rights was played out, SLRC has been thrust forward as the official broadcaster of all things cricket involving Sri Lanka. CSN which was unceremoniously stripped of the rights over non payment of dues to ESPN Star Sports and has now been relegated to a sports channel that only has sports as part of their branding.

This was bound to happen, the high handed tactics used to obtain the same rights has now been used against them. It's sad though as the only television channel brave enough to dwell into the sports genre & did show a spark of promise only fall victim to changing political culture.

It's arguable whether it is correct to specifically target a channel with taxes designed for it. However we should remind ourselves that CSN didn't play fair too.

The future for CSN seems bleak, the channel may rebrand itself or may sell out.  Then there remains the question on the legality of the CSN transmitters.

The good news is that SLRC with it's superior coverage will be telecasting the World Cup & it seems that in the future private broadcasters will be able to bid for major sporting events. This move was expected too since, if we could call the previous regime's pet "CSN", then the present one's pet is most likely the Maharaja trio of "Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV & MTV Sports".

One thing is certain, this is more political poker than a fight for World Cup rights!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Star Movies India pulls out

After a few years in Sri Lanka, Star Movies India which replaced Star Movies Asia will be pulled out from Sri Lanka tomorrow. Star Movies India which is the only version of Star Movies operated by Star India, all others are operated by Fox International Channels was introduced due to a regionalization drive undertaken by Fox International. Star Movies Asia was rebranded Fox Movies Premium.

Now due to this move Sri Lankan movie fans are left without access to the movies that are distributed for broadcast by studios to Star Movies India & which is also released to Fox Movies Premium in the rest of Asia. The only access we have is access to movies released to HBO Asia which has faithfully stood by this region.

Due to this move a surge in movie piracy is expected. It's sad to note that a multinational like Fox would make moves that result in the increase of piracy.

Fox International should take immediate steps to release Fox Movies Premium to Sri Lanka since Star India is no longer interested in the Sri Lankan market. It should be noted that Fox Movies Premium is available in Maldives which also has access to the entire stable of channels operated by Fox in Asia. Sri Lanka should be included in the Asian feed for all Fox distributed channels and Indian feeds of Star should be halted.

Literally Star India should be kicked out of Sri Lanka.

Monday, January 12, 2015

ICC World Cup broadcast rights held by CSN in danger

It's a new year, new week and a new president. Even though we don't care too much about politics, it invariably has on effect on our day to day lives.In the midst of these political changes, we can't help but wonder regarding the status of CSN's World Cup broadcast rights and rights for the whole of cricket in Sri Lanka.

SLRC the state broadcaster with arguably the best coverage was robbed of it's broadcasting rights owing to political interference. Now under it's new chairman SLRC is itching to broadcast the World Cup and get back it's status as the National Sports broadcaster.

CSN has been awarded the rights, SLRC wants the rights. So what should happen? We sincerely hope that CSN will be stripped of World Cup broadcasting & all cricketing rights and these should be restored back to SLRC. Mr. President we hope to see the announcement soon.

In addition every sporting event for which CSN unethically obtained rights, should be stripped from them. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

We take this opportunity to wish all our fellow bloggers & the Management/Staff of all Media Institutions a

"Very Happy & Prosperous 2015"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Exclusive - MTV Sports/New 1st faces identity crisis

In the wake of the launch of ADA Derana 24x7, MTV Sports / New 1st is facing an identity crisis. The channel which has a News 1st logo and MTV Sports logo displayed and telecasts everything ranging from sports, entertainment, etc doesn't seem capable of deciding what content to telecast. Initially MTV Sports biggest crisis was that they telecast many entertainment and less sports programming. After reports of the launch of a probable 24x7 news channel, then the News 1st logo was added compounding the problem even further. It seems that MTV/MBC was taken off guard and never expected a competitor to foray into dedicated news broadcasting.

So the only solution for MTV/MBC is to launch a channel for 24x7 news channel FTA, since ADA Derana is only available on Dialog TV at the moment, however expected to be on other platforms & FTA soon. Further MTV Sports should be dedicated to only sports or renamed as "MTV Sports & Entertainment". If it's renamed as "MTV Sports and News" it could be work but then again their news brand is "News 1st" which would be hard to incorporate into the name.

However the channel at the moment doesn't seem to have a sense of direction and has multiple logo's with all types of programming. It's facing an identity crisis and if rumors are to be believed there are a few that suggest that there are some severe management disputes over the direction of the channel. It looks like the Derana's are causing the Maharaja's to crack.

Let's not forget the bogus International Desk at News 1st where those who sit in there homes in Sri Lanka are asked to report as if from a major world city and the ones who do report from overseas are just some Sri Lankans who study or work in those countries who are known to staff members and are asked to read out a report prepared in Sri Lanka.