Thursday, April 20, 2006

ABC Radio, Reality TV on CBN Sat

Hi folks it is your favourite media Blogger here again. These days CBN Sat seems to be making headlines. Reliable sources tell me that Sun FM, Hiru FM & Soooriyan FM have begun transmissions on the DTH Cable TV Provider CBN Sat. with this ABC Radio is the second Radio network to go digital, but ABC's other stations such as Gold FM & Sha FM have not joined up still. I just want to know what the Maharaja's & E.A.P Edirisinghe's are going to do about this. It also seems that Reality TV has been uplinked on CBN Sat and therefore they have now to uplink Raj Digital Plus, Raj TV, Fashion TV, Goal TV 1 & Goal TV 2 from their presently advertised line up of channels. I also hear that CBN Sat has also activated about 33 Video Channels on its network. They are currently advertising 24 Video Channels this means that they will be expanding their channel lineup soon, hopefully. By the way my previous entry said that TNL Radio, Lite FM & Asura FM have to be activated, I am sorry I was wrong as they were already activated. Any subscriber of CBNSat or even the management of CBNSat are welcome to give their views on this piece of information.

Originally Posted on Monday September 5, 2005 - 08:38am (IST)

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