Thursday, April 20, 2006

CBNSat where is ESPN & Star Sports?

Just a few weeks ago we reported that CBNSat is advertising that ESPN & Star Sports will be launching. They said that they will be launching it by the 7th and then later said the 10th of March 2006. Well today is the 13th March 2006 and well there is nothing yet. A lot of new customers have joined them just because ESPN & Star Sports will be available. Rumours also exist that Comet Cable customers are disconnecting and joining CBNSat. CBNSat says that due to a technical problem the launch is delayed until the end of this month due to a downlinking problem. CBNSat seems to be having Technical problems always (this is actually a birth defect since they have technical problems from the start of their service). I wonder whether they are unable to maintain a service of this nature, due to incapability of their management and technical division to carry out this service. DTH is the world trend in pay television but CBNSat is making a mockery of this technology. Shouldn't CBNSat have tested the service before advertising in the media? They say "Await : More Hits, Kicks, Throws & Moves" but a further delay would only result in CBNSat getting HIT, KICKED, THROWN & MOVED. Over to the management of CBNSat for further views on this matter and explanation to the customers who have purchased connections for watching ESPN & Star Sports.

Originally Posted on Monday March 13, 2006 - 08:29am (IST)

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