Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DCV Cable TV Provider

Just this morning I was travelling on the Negombo Road when my eyes caugth the attention of a board saying DCV (D??? Cable Vision) I did not see what the D letter stood for. Anyway this was after Mahabage junction on the Negombo Road and also passing the Abans showroom at Mahabage. All this is when you travel towards colombo. I could not catch details about the channels that they show, etc. If anyone has any information about this Cable TV provider please post your comments here.


Anonymous said...

There is a Cable operator operating from the said location although I do not know the name. I wonder whether they are the same people who are providing cable services in Wattala and Negombo also. But Wattala has a cable based branch of Multivision also. Could anyone post comments on the quality of the service provided by these and the channels too.


Anonymous said...

The Cable Operator who is mentioned here is situated even past the Singer Mega Showroom. It is actually in Mabole, Wattala. I could not catch the name either but it is operating as an authorised distributor of Multivision. That is what the board says anyway and they have all the channels that are provided by Comet Cable except I think HBO. There is a similar operator of Cable TV in Negombo calling themselves Globe Vision Cable Networks and they have just finished a cable project in Nivasiepura. When I inquired with friends of mine they say that the whole of Negombo is also not covered still. Anyway their phone number is (031)2224188 for those who may be interested in a connection.

Roshan Fernando

Anonymous said...

Name is "Delta Cable Vision"

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