Friday, April 21, 2006

ESPN to telecast Sri Lanka - England Test Series

ESPN will be carrying out the live telecast of the Sri Lanka vs England Test Series which is commencing next month. This will be a great treat for local viewers who are able to receive ESPN via CBNSat, Comet Cable & LBN since this broadcast will be accompanied by the International match analysis panel. Viewers who are new to Cable TV will notice that the ESPN broadcast quality and the match analysis panel will be far better than what is provided by the local broadcaster in Sri Lanka.

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Anonymous said...

Superb now we can watch a Cricket match with International Standard Prematch Analysis. From now on I do not need to watch the lousy so called expert comments of people who appear on Sirasa or Channel Eye and also no need to have a look at Brian Thomas face and listen to that alien accent of his. All this thanks to my CBNSat Connection Yipee. I cannot wait till CBNSat gets Ten Sports since they have the rights for most of the matches played in Asia.

Peter Perera