Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BBC World to become a Pay Channel

From 15th June 2006 BBC World is going to encrypt it's feed to South Asia beaming off PanAmSat10 satellite. Although they have not decided how much they are going to charge from the Cable operators for distributing BBC World.

The change in the status of BBC World will be communicated through the channe's website and on-screen scroll which would start running in a few days time.


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...
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TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...


Looks like CBNSat has stopped transmissions as from approx 9:30PM on 6th June 2006. They say that due to unavoidable circumstances beyond their control they will temporarily suspend transmissions. When contacted they say that it is due to legal problems. I hope this is sorted out soon. In fact I wonder whether this has anything to do with Rupavahini & Channel Eye being suddenly unavailable on CBNSat. All traces of these Channels have been removed from their website too. Over to the authorities of CBNSat to solve this problem and restore services. If the management of CBNSat require our assistance we are here to help you guys out. I know we criticize you a lot but we will also support you if you require any help.

I am also leaving this post as a comment because this blog has got blocked for over a week and I am unable to post any information to the blog. I hope the Blogger support group will solve my problem with this blog.

We have started a new forum for CBNSat customers specially please visit

Anonymous said...

CBNsat case: CID, SLTRC ordered to appear before Court

COLOMBO: Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday ordered the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Director General of the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (SLTRC) to appear before Court.

The Court made this order following the CID's search of the headquarters of the CBNsat private satellite TV service on a search warrant and stoppage of the transmission yesterday.

President's Counsel M.L.M. Ameen submitted that the CID had misdirected the search warrant and the CID had gone beyond its powers to stop the transmission. He pleaded to grant permission to re-start the transmission.

The Judge observed that the Court should listen to both the parties and he issued notice on the Director of CID and the SLTRC Director General to appear before the Court.

Source :

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Laxman Hulugalla is definitely behind this move. As the industry people know he is a very famous under-cutter. He was linked with the infamous Channel 9 case also. And he is the chairman of SATnet. He was behind President Ranasinghe Premadasa and then with CBK & RW and now he is seen with President Mahinda Rajapakse. So we could see who ever is in power this man is there. I think it's high time to the President to identify rats like this which will destroy our countrys' economy and future.