Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CBNSat please give International Radio Stations too

There is a growing need for International Radio Stations in Sri Lanka due a lack in quality in local Radio Stations. We would therefore appeal to CBNSat to give their customers Satellite Radio Stations which are genre based. All Radio Stations in Sri Lanka play the same type of music and there are only one or two that stick to a format.

We would like to see Pop, Rock, Gospel, Country, Oldies Radio Stations on CBNSat instead of sticking to only local radio stations. Over to the management of CBNSat


Anonymous said...

Not only International Radio Stations, we also want a Music Television that plays more English Music such as MTV Europe.

Please also add channels such as Sony Pix, God TV, Star World, Star Movies, Zee Cafe, etc


Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct !!
We don't need channels like Raj, Raj Plus ,SET....etc
We need English Channels
specially GOD TV