Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SATnet: A new dimension in direct to home entertainment

SATELLITE TV: The launch of SATnet (earlier Star TV Lanka) offering a refreshing dimension of Direct To Home satellite TV fare covering the whole island 24 hours a day, was held last week. Bringing two leading brand names in the world of entertainment, Star TV of Hong Kong and Dish TV of India, the service offers over 110 channels of uninterrupted, distortion-free, clear images. SATnet provides Direct To Home (DTH) programmes, uncensored, uninterrupted and unedited, Chairman/Managing Director of SATnet Lakshman Hulugalle said. Being the pioneer in home entertainment direct through satellite communications since 2001 as Star Lanka only Digital Stereo Direct To Home Satellite TV system, the company has a clear perception of its clients' needs. To offer the Sri Lankan viewer greater opportunities to avail themselves of satellite TV, SATnet (earlier Star TV Lanka) will offer a package of easy payment schemes in association with the Sampath Bank and the Hatton National Bank offering a 10 per cent discount on connections. SATnet (earlier Star TV Lanka) distribution network too is widespread covering the whole island operating in collaboration with the Hayleys Group with their wide network of showrooms.

Courtesy Daily News 09 May 2006

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