Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are Multivision subagents legal?

There are several Cable companies cropping up in several areas calling themselves Multivision authorised companies and they are providing Cable TV connections for about Rs 500/= for a month. In fact there have been several Comet Cable customers complaining that they pay Rs 1200/= and more to get these channels directly from Comet whereas the subagents give all these channels plus more for Rs 500/= per month. Some examples of these sub companies are Delta Cable Vision in Wattala and a Cable TV operator in Negombo, etc. Maybe the reason for the increased cost maybe that Comet Cable provides a wireless service whereas the sub agents are on fixed wire systems.

The authorities must look into the legality of these services and issue appropriate licenses and guide them to obtain the required licenses since their customers too might be inconvienced like these CBNSat csutomers if the Police/CID raids and shuts them down.

Here are the questions that arise when it comes to the Multivision subagents
  1. Does Multivision have the authority from its content providers to distribute its content on the Fixed Wire Cable via sub agents as well as the Wireless Platform.
  2. Are the subagents granted approval by the TRC, etc
  3. Do the subagents have the authority to distribute local channels
This post is not intended to bring trouble on Multivision or sub agents like Delta Cable Vision but it is intended to make sure the authorities check these operations out and grant neccessary approval, if they do not have the approval.

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