Thursday, June 15, 2006

BBC World becomes Pay TV Channel today

With effect from today BBC World available in South Asia on PanAmSat10 has encrypted it's services. All those who were viewing BBC World on a satellite dish will not be able to receive this channel henceforth.

Only Cable TV operators and DTH subscribers will be able to view this service from today onwards.

Will the subscribers of the Pay TV channels in Sri Lanka please inform whether they can still receive BBC World from their operator.


Anonymous said...

I have Comet and NO BBC is there instead of Bloomberg. I heard that
CBNSat is the ONLY authorised distributor for BBC in Sri Lanka.
So whoever want to get BBC whether it be LBN, or Comet you should get it from CBNSat.

Now since the CBNSat is down no one will be able to watch BBC.

Anonymous said...

BBC gone from DD DTH

Around 9 am Today BBC channel ceases its broadcast in DD Direct Plus DTH Platform Now Showing Only the Colour Bars ( May be BBC is the only useful channel in DD DTH platform for the Sri Lankan viewers - other transponder on same satellite NSS 6 show TV Lanka 1 and 2 free)

Anonymous said...

I heard that BBC is gone from all the cable operators around Sri Lanka. The only way they can get BBC is through CBNSat as they are the sole agent for distributing BBC in Sri Lanka.

So until CBNSat becomes on-line the whole country will not have BBC !

Anonymous said...

Not only individuals but Embassies, high commissions, foriegn diplomatic missions and so on will not have access to BBC and other channels all this time.

What will the world think of our country ? In this crutial times we have to keep name of Sri Lanka very clear.

For the interests of few people the damage hass been dome to our countrys name.

Who supports tigers now ? It's Mr. Channel Nine.

Why can't president kick this rats ass out !

Anonymous said...

Comet cable have indicated that they expect that they will resume BBC transmission (on Monday next week) as soon as they receive the special decoder from India.

Cometcable Customer said...

I did not see such a notice on Comet... did they scroll the news on channel 7, or did you call their office and get that info?