Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CBNSat 8th hearing on 3rd July 2006

Reports indicate that the case has been postponed for Monday the 3rd of July 2006. The reason for postponement is not yet know and I am sure that my fellow bloggers will continue to update this story as the day progresses.

There are also reports that the date of postponement is 20th July 2006. This date is highly unlikely though. Could someone confirm the correct date.

Initial reports indicate that the postponement is due to the Media Ministry not giving approval for the broadcast.

Anyway confirmed reports will come as the day progresses

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah.......I wish to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate The President Of Sri Lanka the Ministers (especially the media Minster) and all bureaucrats for their efforts in running Sri lanka like a Brothel....YOU HAVE MONEY...WE GIVE YOU SERVICE... I also take the opportunity to extend my humblest gratitude to the Judiciary for there untiring efforts to stay impartial so that justice is for all but those running the brothel....May 2050 years of Buddhism be Celebrated every day this year so that the Dharmishta Samajaya that we live in will exist for another 2950 years until the next Buddha comes.