Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CBNSat Blog has been blocked

Folks there seems to be a problem with the CBNSat Blog. I received as email from Blogger saying that they have identified my blog as Spam and they have blocked. I have submitted a request for unblocking.

The last time this blog TV Radio Sri Lanka was blocked it took two weeks for release.

I request all of you to continue commenting on the site. I will also leave articles as comments on the blog and you guys can do the same.

Maybe someone has complained that this is a spam blog just to stop what we are doing. Any important news news regarding CBNSat will be on the TV Radio Sri Lanka blog also.

Keep Blogging folks. Hope the CBNSat hearing brings good news for all their customers today.


Anonymous said...

This blog has served the sri lankan cable tv customer community really well during a time of great stress how on earth it can be called spam is a complete mystery. Could this be higher powers at work? sure seems like it to me

Anonymous said...

I gues it has been blocked in the name of democracy.

Dam'n good for all us lousy sri lankans. we will never learn.

Wonder how we ever acheived a high leteracy rate. must be by hand painting posters.

"cheeran jayathu"

Anonymous said...

This blog was very informative at the time of a crisis like this. During the past 3 weeks this was the only consolation for us !

When everyone was silent this was the premium information source for us !

While wishing all the best for the admins of this blog and the hosters I would say Please bring it on line and keep us informed of whats happening around !

May you be blessed with Noble Triple Gem !

Anonymous said...

This is what so called administrators are good at. They will block everything what they think as threats for their existance.

Even in case of CBN Sat is not in existance, others who are offering crap to their viewers will not improve on their connections.

They should realise it and face the true compettition by improving their product quality.

Hope CBN sat will get the green light today.