Tuesday, June 13, 2006

LBN Goes Digital

Sorry for not posting all these days since I was down with the flu.

LBN Cable TV has announced that they have begun Digital Cable TV. This is the second Digital TV company in Sri Lanka. The first is CBNSat.

LBN anounces that they will also provide the following services in the future.

HDTV - High Definition TV
Voice on Demand
EPG - Electronic Programme Guide

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what kind of equipment they are going to use? For example what brand/model of decoder box and what kind of access control are they going to implement.

At the moment when they give the analog basic connection the its only a RF wire like an antenna wire (no box) and there is nothing to prevent a customer splitting it to use on more than one TV although they says it's illegal.

Has anyone seen/ used the new digital connection? Do you have to insert the card even to view the basic channels?