Friday, July 21, 2006

Extension of Deadline for Cable TV Licenses

Today is the scheduled closing date for the applications for issuing license to cable tv companies and now we are getting reports that it has been extended please refer link. Coincidentally the applications will close on August 15th, the date of the next Magistrates Court hearing for CBNSat - The Supreme Court hearing is on August 1st.

Extension of deadline

The reason for the extension according to the TRC is that it is following requests from interested parties. Can anyone confirm whether CBNSat, LBN, Comet Cable, Satnet and Multivison Sub Agents have applied for these licenses?

Since this was made a requirement we feel that the above companies would have applied for the license.

So when they say that interested parties have requested for an extension it must mean that new players are also planning to enter the cable tv market, this is obviously good for the industry. Please do not wait until licenses are issued to allow the shutdown operators to restart since the Multivision Subagents, Satnet and Comet Cable are also presently functioning without this license. Therefore do not go ahead and shutdown the above mentioned operators rather allow ALL SHUTDOWN OPERATORS TO RESTART OPERATIONS.

Customers of all shutdown Cable TV operators it is time to come up with an action plan.

Refer Link CBNSat Customers it is time to take Action


Anonymous said...

Hay why don't you buy a Dishtv connection( not the Hulugalla's one) Direct from India? you can watch 100+ channels including almost all the channels in CBNSAT. My friends also got it. The rental is 4500/= per year. what a chance. It directly transmit from India; so srilankan government cant restrict this.
what do u think?

Anonymous said...

I think that if such systems are available, then it would be ideal if others can know from where to purchase.

I suppose one can renew one's subscription over the internet!!

shooooo said...

Can you give me more details on this.