Monday, July 31, 2006

India says 15% of programmes should be of Indian origin

Ok! Before you guys curse me about what this has to do with Sri Lankan Broadcasting Industry please wait.

All channels broadcast from India should make sure that 15% of the programmes broadcast should be of Indian origin, this will directly affect all cable tv channels in sri lanka.

The English Movie channels such as HBO, Star World are exempt from this rule since India does not produce any English movies. However channels such as Cartoon Network, Pogo, Discovery, etc have to show 15% percent Indian programmes for a week. This means that since Sri Lanka receives mainly channels broadcast from India as cable tv channels so we will also have to view these programmes only.

This is a big opportunity for the Sri Lankan Government to relax rules and lure the satellite broadcast channels into Sri Lanka so that they will start broadcasting from here into countries like India to avoid this rule.

When the major satellite channels moved away from Hong Kong (due to the Hong Kong handover to China) they were lured into India and we missed a major opportunity to lure them into Sri Lanka but lets not miss this opportunity.

Please refer B'cast Bill likely to skip domestic content clause for English movie channels

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