Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conspiracy Against CBNSat

Conspiracy is the only word to describe what is happening now. The CBNsat Supreme Court hearing is now postponed to September 18th. The postponement came after the Media Ministry says that they have submitted the CBNsat license applications to the Defense Ministry for further considerations. Accordingly till the clearance from the Defense Ministry (MoD) is given CBNsat will not be allowed to operate. We understand from the reports that when the CBNsat lawyers asked for the date in which they can commence operations the Chief Justice has said that due to this being a national security issue a date cannot be given. Therefore on the Sep 18th the Media Ministry has to hand over a document to the courts but this this is not a must and they can always say that the MoD has not given them the report.

The motive behind these moves is obviously to drive the company bankrupt. With the issuances of 3G licenses to mobile phones, etc. We wonder how the DTH technology can be the only threat to national security. Then the CDMA phones and 3G phones, etc and even companies like TV Lanka which is operated by a big time liar is also a threat to national security. It is a crime to victimise a company that has been cleared by the SLRC and put 20,000 plus customers who have spent their hard earned money into this type of a situation. This is indeed the work of people who have connections to the higher ups in the government and there is no doubt about this. Whether the Media Minister himself has an interest in shutting down CBNSat since they seem to be people who are dragging this case further is yet to be seen.

This is going to damage this country's image in terms of foreign investments, etc. These authorities have no consideration about the public who voted them into these positions and they think that they were born into these positions. We cannot let them go on destroying business at this rate.

The customers of CBNsat who are definitely demoralised by this decision must not give up their fight. They will have to take this fight to newer heights and see to it that these corrupt individuals are exposed alongside with their lapdog politicians.

CBNsat is however allowed to service their equipment and carry out test transmission under the supervision of the TRC. CBNsat is scheduled to have the Magistrates court hearing tomorrow and we cannot hope that anything useful will come out of that one because that too has been dragging for a long time.

We would like our readers to keep us updated on any new developments about CBNsat. For more information about CBNsat please visit the CBNsat Forum.


alfaq said...

Sucks nonkey balls! thanks for the udpate and I guess I will miss the EPL footie this time around as well. This govi mahaththaya president needs to be sent home packing. Fuckin iditos..

alfaq said...

ooops donkey balls****

Anonymous said...

Ok here is the funny thing. Some gossip. CBN was stated to have been repeating the LTTE channel? But in fact it was the SUN TV promoters who gave 3.5 million to set up the LTTE Channel on wavuniya i think? I'm not sure. But if anyone of you are good with sat boxes. You will know that you can tune into the LTTE channel if you direct the antennae towards wavuniya. Now the crazy part is.. That this direction is also the same direct you have to point the receivers to get CBN sat? Now that means if CBN is not the repeater? There is another repeater in that direction? Well someone better check the direction in which some other TV station repeaters are. Funny enough that CBN is facing all these accusations. Did you know that if this is a crack down on terrorist supporting tv links. Why hasn't anyone shut down Sirasa TV?? Jackasses running this country.. and Jackasses funding this country. Most of the Government organisations that have been partially privatised have got a connection with certain companies. Why isn;t anyone checking into this? because too many ppl made money out of this. And we? Smart asses voted for these people into parliament again.. What to do.. If anyone wants cheaper cable. I can tell you how to get 160 channels and pay about 900 bucks for it.

Anonymous said...

I would like more information on 160 channels at 900/-

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I can tell you how to get 160 channels and pay about 900 bucks for it.

purchasing a SATnet connection, registerting the connection on, upgrade the package to Dish Maxi and pay directly to DishTVindia online (no cash flow for SAtnet). is this the method?

If this is the method, reply. I think there is a small 'bug' in this process.