Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MGM Networks wants viewer feedback

MGM Networks the operators of the soon to be launched tv station Max Tv and radio station Max Radio are requesting viewers to send in the feedback to them on (011) 5551001. At the moment the test transmissions are being carried out under the logo of MGM Networks but it will be later changed to Max at the launch.

Max Tv which operates on UHF Channel 30 and Max Radio which operates on FM 90.6 are now carrying out test transmissions.

According to reports the reception in some areas in colombo is not that good. We would like our readers to call MGM on the above phone number and tell them about the reception in your area and also to post the information here with your area.

It is however sad to note that we are continuing to start analog tv stations and are not urging the new ones to start off as digital tv stations. Sri Lanka needs to adopt a digital transmission plan soon.

We would like our readers and management of MGM to update us on what kind of programming will be available on Max Tv and Max Radio.

Good Luck to the management of MGM Networks in their endeavour to provide entertainment to the Sri Lankan public


TrackZeroBad said...

Yesterday I managed to tune the test channel. But the reception is very poor..

I live in Kottawa..

Anonymous said...

I got it tuned to max tv. But I must tell it's not up to max. I stay in Nugegoda and recieve all the existing 11 channels crystal clear.

Max TV reception is very poor even with a booster in this area. And the worst thing is we have to turn the antenna into a complete different angle and then the other cahnnels is also showing ghost images.

Over to you MGM. shift your transmitter to Colombo. having it in Weliveriya will reduce your viewership.

Anonymous said...

From where are they broadcasting TV?

Anonymous said...

I am getting a very very poor picture and poor sound. If we have to turn our antenna into complete different angle this channel will be useless.

I live in Maharagama

Anonymous said...

I confirm that the reception is very poor in Nawala, Nugegoda, Wellawatta, Bambalapitiya, Kollupitiya, Dehiwala, Piliyandala, Kottawa & Moratuwa.

I got this feedback from my friends who live in these areas and most of them use signal boosters too.

But 2 people from Ragama and Kadawatha have said they receive it clear once they turn the antenna. But then all the other channels are not clear.

I think this is because they transmit from a totally different place. All the other channels have their transmission towers in the city of colombo. In tower building, hnb towers, wtc, royal park etc. So basically with an antenna pointed to that side will be capable of receiving all channels.

MaxTV is said to be transmitting from weliweriya.

This will definitely reduce their viewership.

Dear Blog admin,

Please educate them and highlight the issue. So many people are outsourcing high rise buildings so that the signal will be clear in populated areas

Anonymous said...

What is this MGM Networks? Is this an International Company or some government henchman's company (like TV Lanka)? Anybody knows what they are going to telecast? Hope this will not be shutdown by TV Lanka guy.

At the moment the reception is very bad. Hope they will change their transmission tower soon?

What about the JVP Channel mentioned in IRUDINA lastweek?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MGM networks is owned by Sangeetha and her rich husband. Bost are very close to the top.

U think about the rest !

This is not an international venture. They will also show crap like others. Soon they will get sued by the MGM International and MAX channel of India. That's why i think these people are hiding in the jungles of Weliweriya.

99-Una.. said...

there are lot of songs throughout the night. But signal strength is very high for may area around Gampaha.
I too believe this is not related to any international channel. Only the name looks like international

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I live in Kottawa.

Signal is very poor.

Anonymous said...

the reception is very poor in Colombo 5.

Anonymous said...

reception is good in Gampaha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The transmissions are from Kadawatha

Anonymous said...

Transmission is from Weliveriya they said whe i asked from them. I think this will definitely reduce MAX TV viewership

Anonymous said...

Very Very Poor. But I wish you get it up Very Soon. Wish You Luck, But Get Some Biger trancemitters

I live in Bokundara

Anonymous said...


iam from kolonnawa and i cant see ur channel. no reception for us. i didnt change my antenna position. cos others go out. and my frnd in rajagiriya also cant see da channel.

do somethin abt dat.....

Anonymous said...

I am living in Negombo and the signals are very low. All I can see is whole heap of dots with unclear picture and a very poor sound signal which comes on and off. From the possition that my antenna is directed, I can see all the other channels crystal clear.

Does anyone know where they are transmitting from ?