Friday, August 04, 2006

Urgent revisions required to Rupavahini Act

The recent row over the licensing issue of the Cable TV operators and Satellite broadcasters is a wake up call to all the policy makers in Sri Lanka who have not revised the Rupavahini Act of 1982. An official of the Media Ministry was quoted as saying that the Rupavahini Act does not facilitate Satellite communication.

In a world where all technologies are converging it is important to come up with a new policy that will cover all present technologies and future developments. In addition it is also important to formulate a policy to gradually phase out Analog Broadcasting methods and urge all state and private media to adopt Digital Broadcasting methods with deadlines set. This is vitally important for the countries development and will make the existing frequencies which can in turn be used for other purposes.

We urge all the authorities to take steps and revise all acts related to media and broadcasting so that the present fiasco will never again be repeated.

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