Friday, September 01, 2006

Art Tv misleading the public with recorded news

A word of caution to those watching Art Tv specially towards the evenings and in the nights. We are receiving reports as well as we have also seen that the CNN broadcasts over Art Tv are the recorded news reports that were telecast earlier during the day over CNN and not those that are being telecast at CNN at the moment. This happens occassionally during the evenings and at nights but the 7:45PM CNN news telecast on Art Tv is always a recorded one from CNN that was telecast over CNN earlier during the day.

They always deny the fact that they are recording the news broadcast, but everyone who has cable tv can do a comparision between the CNN on the cable tv and the CNN on Art Tv and see the difference. They not only record the news but sometimes the Larry King Live programmes, Business Reports, etc giving a false picture to the public.

We would urge our readers to give phone calls to Art Tv and ask them to stop misleading the public in this manner and to indicate whether the news item or whatever programme is recorded giving the date and time of the original broadcast over CNN.

The Art Tv phone numbers are (011) 2913551 for the Control Room and (011) 2913550 for Marketing.


Anonymous said...

You are just so fucking dumb.

Of course it's recorded. They have other programs on at the time when Larry King is being broadcast live on CNN. That's why they show it later.

Go eat a cock.

Anonymous said...

yes, Dumb Ass Monkey, of course its recorded,

Anonymous said...

in case you don't know, ARTv normally broadcasts CNN live. I've watched it alond with the cable tv feed and ART showed exactly the same thing with a 5 second interval between feed and art feed.

however, I too beleive that ARTv shoul mention it when they repeat CNN after recording. we cannot blame ARTv since they are a tv channal with their own programming, not merely relayin CNN. thank godness ARTv is there when CBNsat isn't. at least be thankful that we dont have to fully trust untrustworthy news sources in Sri Lanka (news 1st/last/worst/our-fairytale-not-truth being the best of them all.

and note that the above notes are both from the same dumb idiot.

Anonymous said...

During the daytime CNN is shown live as usual. But I noted in the evenings they show a recorded version. I noticed that when CBNsat was there too.

Now also it's the same !

Anonymous said...

CNN is a live 24hour broadcast, they need not record and show it as it is on all the time.

I can understand in respect of specific documentaries but not in respect of news which becomes stale as it is recorded.

Anonymous said...

You need to do your research before slamming Channels for repeating cos apparently Art Tv repeats the News for those who missed it the first time since the Live CNN News telecast doesn't air during Sri Lankan Prime Time!!!

Anonymous said...

you dont need research to understand CNN news is live all of the time except when documentaries are shown even then they interrupt for breaking news and has a text line running all the time, otherwise whats the use of a 24 hour news channel.

maybe you should get a cable or satellite TV connection and then compare the two which will help you understand it better.