Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Derana joins JumpTv Internet Television

Derana Tv which is planning to launch a new line up of programmes from October 1st 2006 will be soon available on Internet Television giant JumpTv's lineup of channels.

Jump Tv which presently has 217 channels under it's license is the world's leading subscription based broadcaster of ethnic channels over the internet. They have subscribers from over 80 countries and they view JumpTv online channels via high speed internet connections on their home computers, internet enabled televisions, laptops and mobile phones.

The channel will be available at a cost of $9.95 per month when launched commercially.

This will indeed be a welcome relief for Sri Lankan expatriates who are looking for some home grown entertainment and who are stuck now with only Tv Lanka which is available via satellite.


SahanTv said...

Why cant Derana go FTA digital satellite channel?
What happen to Srilakvahini? Are they on in Taicom satellite?

Anonymous said...

Srilakvahini is on YAMAL Sat - 49 East, Freq:3636 from 6th October as a FTA channel. They could have gone on a better satellite as you need a larger dish to receive this in UK. They would easily get more audience if they were to go on SKY (UK).

It might be expensive for Derana to go on Satellite. I do not personnaly enjoy internet TV due to quality.. but it's better than nothing