Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TRC looks at introducing DAB

The TRC has setup a comittee comprising of all radio stations in Sri Lanka to look into the introduction of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) in Sri Lanka. DAB which is actually Digital Radio is being introduced in several countries in Europe, etc.

If this is done soon enough then Sri Lanka will be the first country in South Asia to implement DAB and we hope that this will continue and then DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) or Digital TV will be introduced soon after.

We hope that the policy, regulatory framework as well as any security clearance will be obtained before hand otherwise it will become like the unfortunate incident surrounding Sri Lanka's first DVB Satellite Broadcaster CBNSat as well as Sri Lankas first DVB Cable Broadcaster LBN.

Digitalisation was the first priority of this blog and it is nice to note that the authorities are now taking necessary action to introduce Digital Radio into Sri Lanka after we were able to put pressure on the authorities to come up with a suitable plan to convert current analog systems to digital.


Sam said...

Lets see how much the license cost going to be..

citizen said...

Better make sure that Huluballa and the other balla are not competitors otherwise they will shut these down as well.

Just Mal said...

Licence cost should be much less because DAB allows several services to use the same frequency.

Just Mal said...

Anyway, I think Digial TV would be adoped quickly if introduced compared to DAB.

janindra said...

couple of questions :
How may multiplexes ?
How many channels per multiplex ?
What will the bit rate be ?
Will it be music stations putting out mono or speech doing mono ?

Shehan Thenuwara said...
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