Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pay Tv Piracy on the rise

Lanka Business On Line is carrying a story titled "Pay Tv Piracy on the rise in Asia" dated 24th October 2006 on and this is striking a chord with one of our previous posts titled "Increase in sales of illegal pay tv units" dated 17th October 2006.

If this cable tv crisis continues Sri Lanka will hold top spot for the country with illegal pay tv connections. Just like we made a landmark leap downwards on the Press Freedom ratings.

Just now we got unconfirmed news that LBN Appeals Court case has been postponed to November 28th and the CBNsat Supreme Court Case is on November 6th. This is how the learned officials in our legal system are handling this case.

Like we said, if the officials do not resolve this issue soon, people will try to get the entertainment that they were denied either legally or illegally. Now do not say we did not warn you. Do not make Sri Lanka No. 1 in Piracy of Pay Tv.


Anonymous said...

NEVER MIND. Just tell us from where we can get the pirated setup box and dish.

Anonymous said...

in sri lanka there are no pay tv piracy. only thing is we get down it from india by passing the local shitty dealer and we do pay as the indians to watch it.

how do you call it a piracy ????????