Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Attention Sri Lankans : CBNSat being threatened by Defense Officials

Please copy the email given below and forward it to everyone you know.

In the aftermath of approval by the Supreme Court allowing CBNsat to recommence transmissions and also the Share Purchase agreement which will make CBNsat a fully owned subsidiary of Dialog Telekom. The people who were originally behind the shutdown of CBNsat are frantically pulling all strings to keep the broadcaster closed. They have gone to the extent of issuing threats to CBNsat and also trying to force the police to start another investigation into CBNsat.

The only thing that is preventing them is the supreme court ruling which prevents anyone from interfering with CBNsat operations.

These people behind all these threats are top officials in the Defense circles who are making use of their positions to gain a business advantage and have no regard for the National Security of this country.

These people should be immediately removed from their posts since they are a bigger threat to the national security of this nation.

By this we understand that all the allegations brought against CBNsat were false and it was these corrupt individuals who made this all up to keep a business venture shut.

An article related to this has appeared in the Daily Mirror dated 29th Nov 2006.

Please forward this email to all your friends and relatives so that they may be aware of these corrupt individuals and know that the real truth behind the CBNsat shutdown.

We appeal to Your Excellency President Mahinda Rajapakse to sack these corrupt individuals immediately.

CBNsat Customers


Anonymous said...

I have very reliable confirmation from a very senior person at Dialog Telekom that CBNSAT will only commence transmission after all the assets of CBNSAT has been officially transferred to Asset Media Ltd. He is unable to give a date, which is understandable in the context of the issues already faced.

In the light of all the nefarious issues that the management of CBNSAT is facing, I am of the view that this is the best option for all CBNSAT customers as it very unlikely that the government will want to mess about with TELEKOM Malaysia.

I think that CBNSAT should give wide publicity in all media about the problems they are facing and should also talk to the various chambers of commerce who are powerful lobby houses.

No purpose will be served in shouting here….must go public. After all it’s in the best interest of all media establishments in Sri Lanka.

che said...

Brothers we must stand up. We need a revolution to kill the military bastards as well as the capitalist monkeys, all citizens of this land deserve cable Tvs.

Let us act now.

Anonymous said...

Is this site "TV & Radio Sri Lanka" or "CBN Sat TV & Radio Sri Lanka" ?
Lot of support from here?????

Anonymous said...

any info about sirasa 24x7. what is that mean?

Anonymous said...

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Viswa said...

As per the news coming in, it seems to that Dialog is going to invade sri lankan media industry. they have aquired the 90% of satke in siyataha TV/FM. so whtz up???
so now they have asset media, siyatha and CBNSAT, what next?

Viswa said...

I think SLT should have aquired the CBNSAT, because then only we (subscribers) can enjoy the service of DTH. in one hand Dialog is planing to air DTH by next year and the other hand SLT have already rolled out their planings to launch thier TV station soon.

Anonymous said...

According to yesterdays Rupavahini news govt. planning to launch a television channel dedicated to education.