Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Channel One MTV to operate on new frequencies

From December 4th @ 6PM Channel One MTV will be moving to their new frequencies UHF 58 from Colombo and UHF 51 from Kandy.

This means that Channel One which was restricted because of Shakthi Tv and started broadcasting only after 9:00PM and for one hour in the morning will have more freedom and will be able to entertain us more.

We are not sure whether Channel One MTV will be a 24 hour TV channel but they are telecasting programming from Voice of America TV during late hours, so keeping that in mind we can safely make the assumption that VOA TV will also be broadcasting on Channel One MTV during off peak viewing hours.

The finals of Yes FM Music Megastar is slated to be shown live on the new test frequencies.

This will be the third dedicated TV channel for English TV programming and will have to compete with channels such as ETV & Art TV. This will indeed be a treat for viewers of English Language TV programming in Sri Lanka.

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bank_dude said...

UHF58 signal is very very poor in Panadura area. Which means that we miss quality reception of Channel1 MTV.