Thursday, November 16, 2006

MGMR & Ten Sports telecast deal under threat?

The MGMR Tv station which will be launched soon as Max Tv is in agreement with Ten Sports to broadcast the Ten Sports programming. However due to some recent developments we feel that this deal will now be reviewed by Ten Sports.

A few days ago Zee Television the operator of Zee Sports and the other Zee Tv channels has acquired a 50% controlling stake in Taj Television who is the operator of Ten Sports. This change in management is expected to bring about a change in the way Ten Sports functions.

Although it is highly unlikely that the agreement with MGMR will be scrapped, we sincerely hope that MGMR will continually telecast Ten Sports for the benefit of the sports starved public in Sri Lanka.


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Bolg Admin

Can you please provide the tel nos of MGMR

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