Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Deepest Sympathies

We have got news of the untimely death of the administrator of "Lanka Media Outlook" Blog. Even though we did not share his point of view we take this opportunity to express our sorrow to the members of his family and all his friends.

It is indeed sad to loose a fellow Sri Lankan blogger.


indi said...

Comments seem to be moderated on his site and he, of course, is not there to moderate them.

It's indeed terrible to hear and I wish the best for his friends and family. He was very young and very committed to what he did and it's truly a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

ha.. commited.. He is member of so called deep pentration unit (millinum city incident)How many inocent tamils killed by him using clamore mines in LTTE controlled area's? He is a spy. He did sri lankan goverments all the dirty work with his excellent knollage of tamil and sinhala language.If the accident not happened he may kill by unknown gunmen.

Anonymous said...

To Administrator of this blog,

Please don't allow people like of last commenter to add any comment into this site. It's very disgusting to see some one come up & insulting the person who passed away. So please remove his cheap comment from this blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

I am chathuranga who help to create Lanka Media Outlook.I am realy dissapointed about the earlier comment.

When he is 19 he made dissition to joing the sl army in 1996. After two years he joined the special forces and trained in pakistan and India. Later he is joing with army Inteligence. Yes he is a spy but He is a real patriot and that is his job. As I know Very recently he sweeps flors in "sirasa". He is a militory spy. That is his job.Now he is passed away and please leave him alone. His real name is Mohomad Iqbal Mohomad, alis as Samaranayake, anjana Ishan, Thurairaja.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""He is member of so called deep pentration unit (millinum city incident)How many inocent tamils killed by him using clamore mines in LTTE controlled area's?""

If you consider those assasinated by the Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP)innocent civillians, you are a terrorist.

Was Shankar an innocent civillian?

Anonymous said...

So sad he is dead. I hope he is enjoying his stay in the hell with the devil.

Anonymous said...

pls let us know about his untimely death.

My salute to him, for the good work done.

please someone may oparate the blog in future

Anonymous said...

I thought he was a JVP idiot by the look of the posts in his blog. I thought
he's a inncocent one. But he's a militiary intelligence man who does all the dirty work for government. they are the peaple responsible for all the abductions, killings and ransoms. He deserved to be killed

Anonymous said...

Anon1, anon4 and annon6

You busters go to hell not him (Anjana) you must be willing to enjoy the hell with devils. It’s a really shame to see how our people respect to those who gave their lives for us. Indeed Anajana (Admin of Lankamediaoutlook) was a real patriot and he done part for his (our) motherland. You people must be backed by NGO dollar craws. You must be enjoying your way of life and betraying the entire Sri lankans lives. Dear admin of this blog, I know you didn’t share his view because he is not a person who work for CBNSAT or a theft called Muhunthan Canagey (who indeed worked for LTTE). Anjana wanted to clear our view and mind. He was real sri lankan unlike you pepole. Anjana, was real hero in our time and my salute to him. I would like to know how this misfortune accident happened and ask the relevant authorities to investigate, was it an accident or done by an unknown faction (who represents annon1, annon4 and anon6). May his soul REST IN PEACE. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Don't put JVP shit theories in this blog. Why did Anjana swept only Sirasa floors. He should have swept Rueters, AFP, AP, BBC, CNN floors. because they too quote LTTE spokepersons in their news. Bloody Jokers. Owa gihin kiyapan Konde BAndapu Cheenunta. While SLA MI personals were sweeping tv channel floors, their top MI officer was killed with the help of other top military men who are on LTTE payroll.