Friday, January 12, 2007

Srilakvahini special New Year greetings program

Srilakvahini a Sri Lankan Satellite television channel will be broadcasting a special New Year Greetings program from today starting at 10pm till the morning hours on Jan 13th.

Several local government institutions and well known individuals are set to take part in this program that will be broadcast to Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East.

Srilakvahini is available on the satellite Yamal 202.

This program is expected to watched by Sri Lankans who are working and living overseas.

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MEDIA ASIA said...

Evenif Sriakvani says that the footprint of Yamal satellite also covers Europe, they probably don't have many viewers in European countries as most srilankans are watcing channels from the popular Eutelsat Hotbird satellite which covers UK, Europe and Middle East.

On this satellite it is possible to watch NETH Sri Lanka TV and TV SRI (sinhala channels) and several Tamil channels.