Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Max - Channel One MTV reception needs to be improved

Viewers of Max and Channel One MTV are reporting that reception needs to be improved for them to enjoy their favourite programmes. These two stations are loosing viewers due to the bad quality reception.

After the shift of broadcasting station Max reception has improved in some areas and worsened in others. After MTV changed frequencies they are not viewable in certain areas at all.

We hope that the advertisers will take note of this and not waste money advertising on the above television stations since they are unable to reach a proper audience.

MTV also claims that some of the programmes that they broadcast are not available on pay television channels but all we can say is what's the use of showing programmes like that when no one can view them.


Anonymous said...

why should we view a station that is no receptable to customers views. In my area(Gampaha/Negombo) MTV is not visible at all after frequency change.

as the saying goes money talks. so as admin pointed out advertisers should note on the above facts and refrain from advertising and this will open up the eyes of the management to seek alternatives to reach the target audience.

Anonymous said...

The viewers of 24 last Sunday night would have noticed that the entire program was only about 45 minutes (including breaks). Which could mean that advertisers have already pulled out because of the limited reach. MTV must have been aware of this fact before the change was made going by the assumption that the Tamil viewing population far outnumber the english viewing population. Although I am a LBN subscriber and this does not affect me at all, I feel that it is unfair to the English language viewing people residing away from Colombo. Let's hope MTV will get their act together soon.