Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BBC to launch two more channels

BBC has being granted permission to launch another two channels in addition to their present BBC World channel. Out of the two new channels one will be focusing on entertainment and the other will be focusing on children.

Downlinking permission has been obtained by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry in India and these will be first two non news focused BBC channels in this region.

Technical formalities are expected to take a few months to complete and we expect the channels to be launched at the end of this year or early next year.

It is highly likely that Sri Lankan pay television companies will carry the channels on their networks once the launch takes place.


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The British Broadcasting Corporation is launching four new television channels, including two that will be available over cellphones and on the internet.

The broadcasting giant announced Thursday it would create BBC Knowledge and BBC Lifestyle for world audiences. The two will be offered over mobile phones and online.

The BBC is expanding to reach a global audience.

Meanwhile, BBC Entertainment and CBeebies will be launched in India first, with CBeebies being presented in Hindi and English.

BBC Entertainment will be funded by a blend of advertising and subscription fees, but CBeebies will be free of advertising.

The entertainment channel will replace BBC Prime in some countries, initially Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Thailand and be broadcast in local languages.

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Darren Childs, managing director of global channels at BBC, said British programs will be shown on the channels at first but local companies may be hired to create Indian versions of those programs.

"You could see Indian versions of familiar soap operas," Childs told the Times of India. "We're trying to change how we approach the international channels business and fit things into a local market perspective rather than push them out from London."

A spokesperson for BBC Worldwide said the broadcaster was conducting extensive research in many countries "to make sure our channels will be relevant and something audiences want to watch."

He said BBC will decide on a country-by-country basis whether to offer the new channels.

BBC Worldwide also announced it will plan a high definition channel in the future.

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What's the web site of Sirasa TV, MTV and Shakthi TV's webcasts?