Monday, March 12, 2007

LTTE broadcasting illegally in Intelsat 12 satellite: Will be closed down soon – Intelsat Ltd.

New York, 10 March, ( Tamil Tigers are pirates and they are broadcasting illegally in the Intelsat 12 satellite without any proper authorization.

The Washington D.C. based Intelsat Ltd., the world’s largest commercial satellite communications services provider told “Asian Tribune” that that LTTE is not a customer of the Intelsat. “They are pirates.”

On 04 March, LTTE news websites reported that Voice of Tigers, the official radio broadcast of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), began satellite broadcast to South Asian countries from Vanni starting from that day.

Also it was reported S.P. Tamilselvan Head of the LTTE’s political Division participated in the ceremony and said, "We are holding the inauguration ceremony on the 69th birthday of late Anton Balasingham as a mark of respect for his contribution to the progress of Tamil media. I also wish to thank all the staff at VoT for making the station a voice of Tamils."

However “Asian Tribune” reported on 05 March, “Anyhow, Pro LTTE websites in their news report about the launching of the satellite broadcast carried a misleading statement stating that “The radio service will use similar frequencies used by the National Television of Tamileelam (NTT), using ‘Eurostar’ at 11.506 GHz symbol rate 2894, vertical polarization, the media unit.

“Asian Tribune” report further added “However, Intelsat 12 satellite link clearly shows that National Television of Tamileelam and as well as Pulikalin Kural is with the same frequencies and are hosted by them.”

The contention of the “Asian Tribune” was confirmed by Ms. Dianne VanBeber, Intelsat LTd Vice President in charge of Investor Relations and corporate communication, who told “Asian Tribune” that Sri Lanka’s terrorists’ outfit LTTE is presently pirating the Intelsat’s 12 bandwidth without the knowledge of the company.

“Intelsat has notified the original customer for the capacity that they are in violation of their contract, and Intelsat has informed them to cease transmissions,” Diam Beever said.

When asked to identify the original customer of the Intelsat, Dianne VanBeber refused to disclose the name of the service provider who gas accommodated the LTTE’s medias without the knowledge of the Intelsat Ltd.

When asked whether Intelsat was not aware of the fact that LTTE’s National Television of Tamileelam was using the Intelsat 12 satellite bandwidth since 2005.

Dianne VanBeber clarified that the Intelsat Ltd acquired PanAmSat only on July 3, 2006, and LTTE’s National Television of Tamil Eelam might have come to share quietly the Intelsat 12 satellite.

She said, “We are taking actions to cease their transmission soon. “

Furthermore Dianne VanBebersaid, “There are no Sri Lankan shareholders of Intelsat. Intelsat went private in January of 2005 and has had no Sri Lankan investment shares since that time.”

- Asian Tribune -


Anonymous said...

AsianTribune is an anti-LTTE website. If they write an article 50% might be true and rest something they have made up by themselves.

I have seen other articles on their website before, where they states that TTN Tamil TV from Paris is going to be moved to Norway because the french government have closed their transmission rights, but nothing such happend.
Then they wrote that TTN was moving to Swiss because EU has banned LTTE, and that did also not happen.
Then they wrote that TTN Tamil TV and Deepam TV was going to merge, and that did also not happen.

National Television of Tamileelam (NTT) and Voice of Tigers should still broadcast on satellite, so people can alo get the other view of the conflict in Sri Lanka instead of the main one side story reported by the Srilankan government - which is also not 100% true.

And if it happens that they have to stop satellite broadcasting, then they will always find another solution.
In Europe it is still possible to watch some NTT programmes on TTN Tamil TV, and Voice of Tigers is also available 24 H a day online at

Let us see if AsianTribune (voice of paramilitary Karuna Group, which is abusing childsoldiers and kills people (stated by SLMM and UNICEF)lies comes true this time... I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

really? but guess what, nobody's interested in what the LTTE has to say. and nobody beleives what government media sez. no one would fancy al-qaeda having their own channel and broadcasting all over the place, would they? same with the LTTE. They are terrorists. They have no right to broadcast, even if it is legal.

Anonymous said...

if LTTE are terrorists and their National TV of Tamil Eelam and Voice of Tigers Radio have to close on satellite, then the stateterrorist owend sinhala Tv- and radio-stations also have to close down on satellite. Same rule for everybody.

Anonymous said...

this fool does not know how to compare....

"Same rule for everybody"...

puka den nathuwa hitapang..umbath haritha ara sunanda deshapriya wageney...NGO walata kahina ewun

Vishkid said...

Don't worry guys - there are terrorists and then there are cyber-terrorists. The guys who do open propaganda for LTTE as above anon 1 & 3 are in the latter category.

It's a bloody joke to compare a government with a terrorist organization but these people are propagating such myths. That's what makes them dangerous and thus we should keep an eye on them but not be unduly worried.

Anonymous said...

LTTE has not made an official comment on this which justifies the Asian Tribune story.What really has happened here is,that LTTE has paid a Third Party who actually owns that frequency and transmit on that.That is why the offical owner of that FZ is keeping silent.
I strongly oppose the racist remarks made by Anon 1 & 3.Their comments well illustrate the freedom of expression practiced by the LTTE.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the singalese here don't know what their government forces are doing in Tamil homeland in north and east. They don't know how the war is and what life the people over there have...

And singalese medias also not report about the human rights violations that the government forces are doing against Tamil people.

UNICEF, SLMM, Amnesty International etc. are all trustable organisation, and please read their reports about what government forces are doing in Tamil homeland.

They bomb civils, bomb hospitals, shoot people, abuse children etc. If LTTE do the same they are called terrorists, but when srilankan forces are doing the same it is legal. Where is the justice?
Think twice before you write people!

Anonymous said...

which hospital you are talking din don...those dirty allegations by LTTE were proven otherwise after capturing Vakarai...

If you have guts, write the good things that government forces are doing these days in such areas.

Don't try to be in the ranks of Wickaramabahu or Sunanda Deshapriye

Anonymous said...

Read these before you talk

The Tamil Democratic Congress (TDC) charges that Tigers Organization is on a killing spree of Tamil nationals who do not show sympathy to their violent cause. It also accuses that Tamils are being held in detention in various locations in the uncleared areas in Sri Lanka.

These accusations are embodied in an appeal made by the TDC to the Fourth Session of the UN Human Rights Council to investigate and stop heinous crimes perpetrated by the Tigers against its own people.

It also claims that Tigers are detaining many hundreds of Tamils in mosquito and lethal worms ridden secret locations like 'Nasagari' camp in Vanni, where they are tortured in inhuman manner.

Vishkid said...

The LTTE and all their know-towing organizations including many bogus human rights institutions hv never told a truth.

Tamil homeland? Man you are living a dream. My wife's home is Chunnakan in Jaffna and we both know the ground reality there.

Both LTTE terrorists and cyber terrorists are just lying to get some sympathy. But if that ploy had worked then there would be foreign troops in SL right now like the Iraq.

Fortunately, world leaders are not dumb enough to believe those lies and saner council prevails. But these morons just keep up a useless struggle and spreading lies and more lies.

Of course the government is getting tough handed - but we bought that upon ourselves by covering whatever racial pride we had as tamils with those damned lies.

Some tamil ppl even claim that their children are abducted when they hv eloped with a girl or boy! This situation is ridiculous.

Do we want the tamil race to be known as a race of beggars and liars? Of course not - we hv to commend these sort of action against this lie propagation and support ppl like intelsat who are stepping in to curb this sort of terrorism.

And finally - tamil homeland my ass!! I live in coombo and THIS is my homeland!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that no foreign troops are in Sri Lanka like in Iraq!!

USA invaded IRAQ, based on false reports. They did not invade Iraq to help the people overthere from Saddam. Nor will the world invade Sri Lanka to help its Tamil population from Sinhala racist government.
Remember Indian army? They were beaten out because of their killings and misbehaviour in Sri Lanka.

Would you like to see some terror of Sri Lankan army?
See these pictures:

Maybe you should also remember that the army killed the aidworkers of the french aid organisation.

Maybe it is nesessary to get a foreign troops to Sri Lanka, so we never can get rid of them. Take Afganistan as an example. There is also not peace in Iraq now. Killings everyday!

The world will help if they can earn money in the country or steal its recources (like oil in Iraq). Sri Lanka is a poor country, so therefor they have no interest in helping us.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""I think most of the singalese here don't know what their government forces are doing in Tamil homeland in north and east. They don't know how the war is and what life the people over there have...""

Well what do you know about it? Have you seen how the SL army helps civilians in Jaffna? (I dont think you ever seen Jaffna.) Just go to Jaffna and see for yourself jackass. Civilians there dont have a problem with SLA. In fact it's the LTTE they have a problem with. Dont take my word for it, just go there and see before you blog bullshit like a brainwashed suicide bomber.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Would you like to see some terror of Sri Lankan army?
See these pictures:""

lol. Most of the pics are of LTTE bases bombed by Kfirs.

Since when did pro LTTE media admitted an SLAF air raid destroying a LTTE base? Whenever that happens, whining comes in the form of civilian casualties.

Well it's no wonder such crap comes from Nitharshanam and Tamilnet. These once published that a tiger aircraft rocketed Palaly military base.

Anything from Nitharshanam = CRAP

Anonymous said...

Lightning_Struck_Tower - your brainwashed government terrorist bullshit:

I have been in Jaffna and seen how army is doing peoples life worse there! They take almost all the food since the A9 closening, and kills people, rape tamil girls etc.

All what your government medias write is crap and untrustable! I also read what International organisations write about what your army killers are doing in Tamil homeland! Read SLMM, UNICEF and Red Cross reports too your brainwashed dog!

And to your kind informations, then LTTE does also tell when some of their bases are bombed. But it does not come to your medias. SLMM could also report that army bombs killed some children in a school! Read the reports by international organisation instead of your brainwashing government shit!

I think your mother has slept with the JVP people to get a person like you! Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Everything that AsianTribune is writing = CRAP - because they get paid by the singalese government to write such lies.

Anonymous said...

Lightning_Struck_Tower said:

"Have you seen how the SL army helps civilians in Jaffna? ... Civilians there dont have a problem with SLA."

Lightning_Struck_Tower - YOU should read this article from REUTERS (a neutral newsprovdier):

Sri Lanka: Civilians Who Fled Fighting Are Forced to Return
15 Mar 2007 21:19:02 GMT
Source: Human Rights Watch

"(New York, March 16, 2007) ? Sri Lankan authorities are using threats and intimidation to force civilians who fled recent fighting in Sri Lanka's civil war to return home, Human Rights Watch said today. Government and military officials are threatening to cut aid and withdraw security for displaced persons who refuse to return."
"In interviews in February, more than a dozen displaced persons from Trincomalee and Vaharai told Human Rights Watch that they were afraid to go home. Most cited security concerns, particularly if fighting resumed between the government and the LTTE. Some said they were worried about reprisal killings by the military after an LTTE attack, as well as communal violence from Sinhalese communities."

To read more from this article - visit:

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""I think your mother has slept with the JVP people to get a person like you! Disgusting!""

If you want to talk about mothers lets talk about mothers in a separate thread. This thread is not about mothers.

""They take almost all the food since the A9 closening, and kills people, rape tamil girls etc.""

and you saw all this happen? aren't you merely repeating Tamilnet bullshit?

Apparently you are a typical forum LTTE cadre so i will not waste my time trying to change your opinions or ask you to open your eyes and see the truth.
You fellow terror dudes are stranded in thoppigala and they will soon be 'given liberation' by SLA. This is not a time you should waste logging into forums. You should do whatever you can to try and save their ass like a true LTTE supporter.

And anon 2,
who says Reuters is neutral? You might as well say that BBC is neutral too?

I just have one more question. I've noticed in a lot of forums (including this), LTTE supporters starting arguments with phrases such as "Sinhala Modayas", "Sinhala Army", "Sinhala dogs" etc.
Whats with the Sinhala bit? Is it there to add more racism into your statement?

Vishkid said...

Heh heh .. don't worry LST - these are cyber-terrorists at work.

Whole tamil nation has become a disgrace and a lie. Even independent tamils hv no ground to stand because of these lie propagators.

Situation is so ridiculous (false accusations, faked pictures, bigotry and hypocrisy) that I'm ashamed to be in any way connected to the tamil race.

Unfortunately, I am so I hv take the fall for these criminal cyber-terrorists as well ... Fortunately enough, most of the world is intelligent enough to see through the web of lies of the so called tamil nation.

Anonymous said...

Dear people!

This is a radio/TV forum! Not to discuss politics! Find another forum for that!
I'm not in for war or hate Tamils or sinhaleses, but it seems to me that both of you pro- & anti-LTTE people are brainwashed with your own opinion!

Open your eyes and don't think that ONLY you know the truth. Many things happen when there is a war - and you can not know all thing!

Our island is so poor and without any good income because of fanatics like you all! Work for peace and respect each other!

Because you are Tamil you are not a terrorist, and because you are Sinhalese you are not supporting the state terrorism!

Let us live in peace together! And I'm saying it to both parties in here!


Anonymous said...

there is no state terrorism in Sri Lanka , You guys living in Sri Lanka >>??

There is only one its LTTE terrorism!

Anonymous said...

above comment is for sure written by a brainwashed supporter of stateterrorism.