Monday, March 19, 2007

New entrants to the pay television market

We have got some information regarding possible entrants to the DTH pay television market in Sri Lanka.
  • It seems that Siyatha FM directors Sangeetha Weerarathna, her husband and brother in law have come into an agreement with Astro Malaysia to invest in their company and start a DTH operation in Sri Lanka. We are however reliably informed that Astro will be starting a joint venture with Sun TV India and launching DTH operations in India. We believe that if they are investing in India then it is likely that they may not want to set up a totally different company for DTH in Sri Lanka but they may setup operations in such a way as to make their connections available legally in Sri Lanka.
  • It is said that Lakshman Hullugalle has been issued with Section 17 of TRC license to set up DTH operations in Sri Lanka. We believe that this license will be used to facilitate the operations of SATnet further.
  • A company by the name of SKY TV & Radio seems to have acquired a license from the Media Ministry to carry out DTH operations in Sri Lanka.
  • It is also rumoured that Srilakvahini have also been issued section 17 of TRC license and given the approval to start a DTH service.
We like to thank Shiran for submitting the above information to us but neither we nor him are able to verify the acuracy of the information given above. We would like those of you who have any further information on the above to verify their acuracy.


Anonymous said...

Power of "Chinthanaya"

Anonymous said...

Dialog gets competition at last....

Which is what sri lankans need to get rid of their hipocrazy

Anonymous said...

what is this section 17 ???

Anonymous said...

Yes, at last some competition in the pay TV market. This will hopefully lead to a better service to the customer. No operator will take its customers for granted.

Even a simple thing like a EPG is not functional on DTV . . . this will lead to things like this not ignored by the operator.

There are a lot of functions and services that pay TV can offer, not just TV telecast.

El Pibe said...


Nice Blog!

Anonymous said...

Section 17 license is a license issued under the Section 17 of the Telecommunications Act of Sri Lanka by the TRC to operate a Telecommunications System. Usually, it is a Facility based license to do voice, data or video, or a combination. In terms of DTH, it is issued to operate a Teleport/Earth Station to uplink TV signals via satellites.

Anonymous said...

Great,ASTRO i hear is a mobile telecommunication operator in Malaysia,So they may be looking to continue with their competetion in SL and they have further shown an interest to buy the stake of NTT in sri lanka telecom.

Anonymous said...

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