Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nimbus warns BCCI to encrypt DD Signals

Nimbus the authorized broadcaster of the ICC Cricket World Cup has warned the Indian Cricket Board referred to as the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and pushed for encryption of DD Signals so that the signal cannot be accessed from neighboring countries. DD Signals are accessible from West Asia up to Singapore and if the signals are not encrypted before the commencement of the world cup it will result in Nimbus claiming compensation.

This warning was issued as DD failed to set encryption mandates for DD terrestrial signals.

Nimbus has appointed SLRC as the FTA broadcaster for the World Cup in Sri Lanka and SET Max as the regional broadcaster which in turn has appointed Dialog TV as the exclusive pay television channel for the ICC World Cup in Sri Lanka. The demand for encrypting DD Signals has been made so that the feed will be accessible inside India for use by regional DD stations and not by FTA receivers outside of India. The demands by Nimbus also state that DD Direct the FTA DTH service operated by DD will not have access to the live match feed.

Refer Link : Nimbus issues warning to BCCI as consensus eludes PB on encryption

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Why this blog only talking about Pay television services, specially about Dialog TV? Why don't you guys talking more about other major events in TV & Radio industry? You didn't talked anything at leaset mentioned about 13th birthday of Sri Lanka's trend sitting radio station Sirasa FM. Also looks like there isn't any idea to talk about upcoming 10th birthday of Swarnavahini. So what wrong you guys have only to talk about pay television services in this blog, when most importatnt things happening around in TV & Radio industry?