Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Opinion's

A spate of comments on our blog posts on Indian DTH providers has drawn some criticism from a certain group and some have labeled us, Dialog TV supporters with some even suggesting that this blog is moderated by Dialog TV.

At this moment we would like to say that we have nothing to do with Dialog TV. This blog is totally independant of any operator in Sri Lanka.

The reason our opinions are so strong against companies such as Dish TV/Tata SKY is that they are companies that concentrate solely on the Indian market and any content introduced by them will be focused on India. Even though DTH and pay television companies in Sri Lanka presently carry the Indian feed of many channels, it is our view that as the market grows in Sri Lanka then the content providers will take notice of Sri Lanka and cater to the local market. This will not happen if everyone in Sri Lanka purchases Indian pay television connections. The Indian pay television connections are presently rich in facilities and content because India has a huge market for these connections but in Sri Lanka the revolution has just started.

Sri Lankan operators will definitely take time to reach that level due to the low penetration of these connections and the fact is that Sri Lankans are used to watch television free, the concept of pay television has not caught on properly but now we see that there is an interest generated in this media.

Regardless of what anyone says a pay television connection for India if sold in Sri Lanka without content providers permission becomes an illegal connection and these types of connections only undercut the local operators thereby destroying the market. Maybe the local pay television companies are not fully Sri Lankan companies but there are many jobs being generated by them and they contribute to the economy too however the Indian ones do not contribute in anyway to Sri Lanka.

Some of our reports about events in other countries are made only because they will have an affect on Sri Lanka too. We do not give more priority to pay television over free to air and where ever things are happening we will report them. One thing that we have noticed is that the pay television industry is the most happening industry in Sri Lanka and nothing much is happening in the free to air industry. Pay television is going to be the future in Sri Lanka regardless of the operator and competition will be very intense.

Local free to air operators will have to brace themselves for this onslaught from pay television and will have to upgrade their broadcast technology to digital and improve content if they are to survive this.

In each of our blogs we have been very severe on the operators for their inability and on things that they have achieved we have congratulated them. Depending on the frequency of their achievements they will get the proper response that is why one can at times see that one operator has more congratulations that others. This makes some think that we lean towards that operator but this is not true since we are only giving out what they deserve and some do not respond in anyway to our views and keep silent and we have no option but to highlight their inability and be severe with them.

Once again we state that we have no connections with any operator of pay television or free to air television and will always be independant.


Anonymous said...

"it is our view that as the market grows in Sri Lanka then the content providers will take notice of Sri Lanka and cater to the local market"

considering the population in sri lanka and the number of ppl capable of buying pay TV, the above statement will be a miracle. India is a huge market, that's why they have a feed dedicated for them. If the above point is valid, see how many Japanese vehicles (more specifically TOYOTA) brought in to Sri Lanka, that number is very huge compared to what India imports from Japan. But India managed to setup a TOYOTA company to cater their needs. Will this ever happen in Sri lanka even though they import more TOYOTA vehicles than india ???

These are just imaginations. What will happen is DTV not let any other DTH service provider to settle in sri lanka simply coz they need to dominate the pay tv business in Sri Lanka.

I agree with the point that sri lankan currency will fly over to India without the sri lankan economy gaining anything from buying Indian connections. But imagine how many ppl will bring down stuff from other countries when they travel abroad, do they every declare all the stuff @ customs...the answer is NO.

Piracy cannot be eliminated from sri lanka untill such time they will be a Developped country.

Vishkid said...

Hmmm interesting - Sri Lanka has a low birth mortality rate than many developed countries and on par literacy rate with some developed countries. Maybe our piracy indicators can match those as well :D

Waht the Anon poster really means to say is that any operation in Sri Lanka will never have the same economies of scale that an Indian operation will experience. That will be prohibitive to a capital intensive thing like automotives but not to an industry like DTH service provision.

Yes, the prices in SL will always be higher than India. But sooner or later we will hv customized content - even if it's at a premium. And to ensure that the local players are given a gamely chance to go that far, the govt may ban the use of Indian DTH services (hey, I'm just speculating based on previous examples) inside SL. Or those service providers will hv to come here pay taxes and provide services based on a local contract.

One point where everyone seems to be wrong is that DTV is going to be the sole player of SL DTH arena. Nope there are bigger companies than Dialog in here and once the initial break-in is successful (Largely thanks to CBNSat & Mr. Muhunthan as well as DTV) other players will move in. SLT/Mobitel is already geared up if I'm not mistaken. LBN also has good value proposition if they can accumulate enough investment to go island-wide.

And looking as how DTV has failed in many of it's service aspects - it would be very much competitive as when other 'legal' players move in to Sri Lankan pay-tv and DTH services market.

AMD said...

all i can say is... remmebner how dialog came up in the mobile market, same will be for DTV, any new business has its rough patches.. we all know that...
and by the time LBN finds the funds and actually can lay cables, at least outside of colombo.. well need i say more!!1

Vishkid said...

Errr .. I was talking LBN DTH as a possibility. Not LBN cable. :D

Anonymous said...


Now you have to understand why the people are talking about DTV & the admin have connections. Please try to understand Dialog is a one of the best companies in this country. That does not result what ever projects they undertake will be a success. But definitely they could turn around this particular industry. But don’t forget we are not dealing with Nushad, Shirantha or Harold we are paying our money for a descent services

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Anonymous said...

If satnet gives the DISHTV packages at the indian prices then all of us will go for Dishtv. It is cheaper and will be good for the compitition.

Anonymous said...


You have to understand that a blog can never be regulated or controlled. Free speech (be it biased/unbiased), in its true essence is what internet blogging is truly about.

You have to be ready to face the music of brining up the topic of DISHTV in Sri Lanka. I have personally posted several blogs explaining the pros & cons of each system, and the fact that its all upto the customer (tvaddict, more appropriately) to make the final decision, with the inherent risks.

There are some emotional bloggers who tend to favor one company over the other. There's nothing you can do about that. Seasoned bloggers know, getting personal on a blog is just a waste of time & energy.

When posting generic reports on DTH entrants, try to maintain an unbiased wording. Your first post, frankly (IMHO) did not convey neutrality.

Until proved illegal by local authorities, any DTH equipment/sub-dealer may move freely into any country.

I had Comet for 7 years, have Dialog, and will soon have DISHTV. I have accepted the risks, and will go forward with my money.

A final word - Let the end user decide what is illegal or not. As an Admin - post with an essence of neutrality. My humble opinion, no disrespect intended.

Anonymous said...

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