Friday, May 25, 2007

ETV ends American Idol 2007 on a high

American Idol may not have much in terms of relating to Sri Lanka but it is undoubtedly the most popular reality show in Sri Lanka among the english speaking population. It should be said that it has a following among the Sinhalese and Tamil speaking people too. ETV has brought the last three seasons of American Idol to the television screen and this year it was a much better broadcast by ETV.

"Much better" since there were relatively fewer parts of the programme that were missing because last year there were episodes in which huge chunks of the programme vanishes. This does not mean in any way that the screening was perfect. ETV has a long way to go and hopely we see a better improvement next year. We seriously hope that ETV replaces American Idol with another reality show for the rest of the year such as "The Amazing Race" or something else like the band casting reality show that is to be produced by the American Idol producers.

We believe that American Idol fans in Sri Lanka would love to see the 2008 edition of American Idol on ETV from January 2008.


Anonymous said...

TV Lanka is doing a great job for Sri Lanka by uplinking TV & Radio stations.
TV Lanka DTH currently has TV Lanka, ITN, Swarnavahini, Hiru FM, Sooriyan FM & Shakthi FM.

Why don't you make a post and encourage them?


Anonymous said...

It is a great idea to encourge them for there servicers and in the future they might start DTH pay tv.