Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lost 3 premiere on Jun 7th

Sri Lankans will be able to catch the 3rd Season of Lost on AXN East Asia which will premiere on June 7th at 7:30pm and will be telecast every thursday at 7:30pm thereafter. On June 7th there will be a special recap show at 6:30pm and then at 7:30pm the two hour season premiere will commence.

Presently Art TV is telecasting Season 2 of Lost on FTA but many subscribers of pay television have already watched Season 2. Subscribers of Dialog TV and LBN who missed the series due to the shutdown last year were able to watch Season 2 when AXN telecasted a rerun of the series on a daily basis from March to April this year.

AXN East Asia is available on all pay television platforms in Sri Lanka.


Anonymous said...


Is the banned station Raja FM coming back to the airwaves???

There's a vulger sinhala test transmission going on at the moment on frequencies that were allocated to this particular station.....

Plz check & give some feedback.


satlanka said...

yaah..! I too wanted to raise the same question.. theres vulger non-stop (kottu) music coming from the frequesncies that were allocated to RAJA FM. One of my friends told me it is the test transmission of "HEART FM??". As far as i know heat FM, is EAP's upcoming film name.
oohh alas..! SRI LANKAN RADIO going back to wild...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how bad is this? they are going to start it with another name on the same frequncies!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys hw dare you say that da test transmission is vulger???

It's one of the best test transmissions I've ever listened in Sri Lanka.
There're plenty of vaiations from Pandith Amaradewa's "Sannaliyane" to Iraj's "Mata Sithanna Be". Listen for sometime and be honest.I think it covers almost all the artists in the island.It's true that they boadcast nonstops.Bt most of them are individuals as Priya Suriyasena's,M.S.Fernando,Rukantha, etc.
I've actually heard all ofthem.Be unbiased and comment.