Friday, June 08, 2007

Yes FM Morning Show: Mark has supposedly left and the show drops in quality

Yes FM Morning Show which was arguably the best morning show in Sri Lanka had listeners glued to it, mainly because of the quality of the hosts Shaq and Mark. Yes FM found the right combination and the chemistry between the two was excellent, this was a combination that was unmatched by any radio station.

Sadly Mark was suddenly not heard on the morning show and according to information that we are receiving it seems that he left without saying goodbye. According to the co host Shaq it was a career move by Mark and regret was expressed because Mark did not inform the morning show community. Other information suggests that he will be making a return on July 1st and Mark is supposed to be on leave, there are rumors that he had an argument with someone and this resulted in him leaving. We are unable to confirm any of this but we hope that anyone who has more information will share them here and explain the fate that befell Mark.

We heard Shaq mentioning on the show that a new and better morning show is being planned and information will be released as the launch date is being approached.

On the topic of the morning show, we wish to state that the Sun FM morning is pathetic. Shri and Nilan were a better combination that the present two being Shri and Eric (hopefully we got the name right).


Raj said...

How come only Christians get to host this show? Do they ever consider people belonging to other religions? Why does Yes FM only play Christian music and not Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim music? Why this bigotry and one-sidedness?

Anonymous said...

Raj get real!!!!

Yes FM does not play Christian music they play secular music. This is an english radio station Raj.

Are there Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim songs sung in English. I don't think so?

Do not make comments just because you want to open your loud mouth and accuse someone.

Saman Fernando said...

If I'm not mistaken the above post is about the Yes FM morning show. It's not about religion. It's just another morning show. I listen to this program everyday and I can assure this anon, that is is not a Christian or Busshish "bhakhi geetha" carol thing.

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

Not that it matters, but Shaq is a muslim. stupid raj.

Gobblezygook said...

Well Raj...its coz of ppl who have utterly stupid thoughts like you that the world is at war...hhmmpph

Dili said...

Oh for heavens sake did you have to go and start something stupid like that Raj?

On subject-Its a bloomin shame. The show was superb with the dynamic duo. Now its worse than the pre-Mark days when Shaq was doing solo. Even he's feeling the empty space I guess..

Miss your crazyness Mark

sonik said...

yup. shaq's a muslim, and mark's a buddhist as far as i know.

well whatever reason mark left, the show is very dull now. not that shaq is incapable of handling the show, but it was their combination that set the yes fm morning show apart from the rest. i'm sure even shaq finds it dull without mark. Someone once said that good things dont last in Sri Lanka.... i wish it wasnt so, but its turning out to be true.

Any morning show community members here?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me a address of Download to Raja FM files. I've never listen to them.


She and He said...

stupid bugger that was talking about religous things. yes i did hear yesfm and yes it sounds a bit low key nowadays. shaq, honestly, would you like me to join? give it a shot? haha. dont worry everything has its ups and downs. oh, i did hear the mark did indeed have an argument with the prodcution team...unconfirmed and he has got a better break at e fm. unconfirmed.....

AMD said...

E FM seems to be picking up now, and improving their program content and music,though i dont approve of their foreign dj's. Dont we have any good sounding local guys and girls ?

Check out their website, there is a webcast too:

She and He said...

TNL still does ROCK. And they have some hot ladies, Alex's awesome.

Dil said...

Why has mark left?

Dil said...

Also... I dont think the show will suffer because of this.

Raj said...

What a load of rot guys, even before December comes all the listeners are forced to listen to Christian religious songs singing the glory of Christmas and Jesus and whatnot. More than one whole bloody month of Christian songs day in day out. When do they ever play Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim religious songs?

Do they play Hindu religious songs when Deepavali comes along? NO.

Do they play Buddhist religious songs when Vesak comes along? NO.

Do they play Muslim religious songs when Ramazan comes along? NO.

As a citizen of Sri Lanka I ask why this bigotry and one-sidedness? This is an honest question. More than 90% ofthe Sri Lankan population is composed of non-Christians. Why do they have to be forced to listen to Christian music and be ignored year after year?

Anonymous said...

E FM's website is now fully updated.

*Show details
*RP info
*Live webcast

They recently launched a frequency in Southern province - 104.5FM
But it's not working at the moment. Hope they will fix it asap.

E FM is coming back to the scene in style.

Anonymous said...

@ Raj

Buddhist songs on Eglish radio stations ha? My foot!!! Where on earth did you come from? I think you are pretty new to the western music community in Sri Lanka.

Christian music should be played on English radio.

Don't try to mess with English radio stations bro.. Go get a life!!!!

Saman Fernando said...

Sinhala channel of the same company, Sirasa FM and Sirasa TV do that for you. They play Buddhist songs darmadeshana etc etc for the whole month. They even do early morning religious programs as well. Same thing applies to Dipavali.
It's logical that the English chnnel concentrate on the majority of it's listeners.
Besides the topic here is the morning show. Better check Sirasa FM morning show on a Poya Day and during Wesak month.

Raj said...

Dear anonymous, since when did English become the exclusive property of Christians? Come out of your bigoted Christian-centric world and realise that Sri Lanka is a multireligious country, and people from various religions speak and use English. What blinding stupidity from you. If anyone needs to get a life it's you.

Not only Christian, but Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim music should also be played and be given time on air, not just Christian music. More than 90% of this country is non-Christian, why do they have to be forced to listen only Christian songs?

Raj said...

Saman Fernando, why should I have to listen to a Sinhala radio station to listen to Buddhist songs? It's not even my mother tongue. I speak and use English everyday and speak it at home as well. English is THE international language and if you think it is the exclusive property of Christians then you need to get your head examined; do you still think the earth is flat? Have you done a survey to see who the majority of its listeners are? Are they 100% Christian? Please give me a break! It's time this radio station and others break free from this Christian-only bigoted mentality and accept the fact that Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country where people of different religions listen to their radio station.

TechnoGuy said...

Christian songs?

As far as I know, all these latest radio stations play rap, hip hop and all such things. Even the Christian church is against music like that, because of the bad language and the dirty images they create in your head.

Only Christian music I ever heard on YES FM, TNL and other English radio in Sri Lanka are Christmas carols. And no one was ever hurt by them. They are joyous songs, and enjoyable. Even for non-christians (like myself).

Please do not come here to insult other religions. Keep your personal angers to yourself. It is people like you who bring down our country. You and the politicians.

I'm sorry if I am wrong anywhere.

This sort of disrespectful, foolish discussions don't belong here. Admin, if this discussion continues, please get rid of it. It is a shame to be discriminating other religions in a completely unrelated blog.

Raj said...

TecnoGuy, when I say "Christian songs" I am not talking about RnB, Hip Hop even though there ARE Christian songs in those GENRES of music. What I am talking bout is the constant RELIGIOUS music that pops up whenever a Christian holy day comes up in the calendar. Either these radio stations should play RELIGIOUS music when the holy days of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims come up as well, or play NONE at all. It is simply not fair to only play Christian religious songs at Christmas and Easter and ignore other religions. Look in your heart, you know it is not right. Other listeners deserve to be addressed as well, not just Christians. If no one is hurt by Christmas Carols (which are religious songs BTW), then is anyone going to be hurt if Hindu, Buddhist or Muslims religious songs are played? No. So why isn't this being done? Why are the latter group being totally ignored?

The religions that are being discriminated against here are Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam and NOT Christianity. Christianity is accepted and celebrated by these radio stations and that is fine. What I am pointing out is the discrimination that exists in our English radio stations, and showing up unfairness that exists when it comes to Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. It is disappointing that you are trying to justify blatant discrimination.

Please remember that Sri Lanka is a democracy and people have the right to voice their opinions, so I do not see why you have a problem with me bringing up this pertinent issue. We all know where Sinhala-only policy lead and this Christian-only policy will do the same thing. For years I have waited without saying anything, but I think it is time someone got through to the people who run these radio stations and get them to accept DIVERSITY. That is what makes Sri Lanka what it is.

PS Not one have I insulted Christianity here. What I am arguing for is equality. I very much hope you are not against that!

Raj said...

"It is people like you who bring down our country. You and the politicians."

No TechnoGuy, it is people like you that support discrimination who bring down our country. You and the politicians. I am advocating EQUALITY and the acceptance of DIVERSITY. I am not attacking Christianity, just advocating that other religions be afforded the acceptance that it is. If it is not possible to accomadate Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim religious songs, then no religious songs should be played. Then no one is discriminated against and made to feel ignored and non-existent.

Anonymous said...

raj. name one budhist, or hindu song that is sung in english.

the truth is they are non existant. just mind your own freaking business without bringing your racist comments in here. if you want buddhist or hindu songs in english, maybeyou ought to write some and start singing.... idiot.

its people like you that have eaten this country to the bone and continue to do so. whatever you a*holes eat, we will not let you eat this blog. go mind you own business, get a life. start a hobby or something. maybe you should try something like knitting.
your completely off the topic here. why dont you start your nationalist racist blog and invite people? then all the jokers in your boat can join and row with you. moron!

SAD® said...

See ... this is the problem in our country. For every trivial matter we look for something to fight about ... be it religion, language, race, school, where you were born, what caste you belong to, etc etc.

For heavens sake how many differences can we find to fight about in this tiny island with 20 million people. What saddens me is that with these kind of attitudes in about 95% of our people we will never reach our potential, while all the other countries will flourish around us. Singapore is what it is today because our stupidy and we let go of the opportunity of being the regional hub. We still make the same mistakes - and it's getting worse - I see no hope. We need a change of attitude or else we are doomed. Let's look at the positives of diversity, respect the difference while learning to good things of each different culture. Only then we would be able to see a united and happy Sri Lanka.

Anyhow, YesFM Morning Show was the best and it always brought a smile during the tense and stressful drive to work. Shaq and Mark were so Sri Lankan and understood the Sri Lankan culture and thinking (even though Mark couldn't pronounce some of the cities that well :-)). Most other English stations have foreign presentors or Sri Lankans who try their darnest to be sound foreign (stupid) - which does not go well with most of us. It's a shame that Mark has left, because it was the two of them together that made it so enjoyable. When one of them was on leave it wasn't that good.

Hope we will get both Mark and Shaq back in our favourite morning show.

Krish said...

Raj...what an Idiot.... he has totally lost it. Enough playing stupid did a good job! now get your Commonsense back

Geeeze..what a nut....

Anonymous said...

Raj, dude, please stick to the topic, we're talking about Mark here.. Get a life mate!!! Religion is obviously not a factor on Radio and never has been. It's because of buggers like you and your silly thinking that our country has sunk to such depths... What a loser!!!!

Saman Fernando said...

Ok here's a proposal for Raj.
Since we don't have English Buddhist songs, why don't you start singing one or two ;-)

AMD said...

For all Mark Cross fans:

Mark has joined E FM, he will most probably be on air tomorrow.
He will also be doing a program on ETV ( no details still ). He has also got some managerial post at E FM programming.

Nathan said...

Hi All

Mark Cross!!! Whats the big hype about?? This is how you judge loyalty ..remember that he was earlier with efm before he joined Yes fm, at efm he hosted an evening show with someone else (unfortunltely i cant remember the names) but people who remember will know what i am talking about.

Well if Mark wanted to leave so be it@! thats his decsion but as someone said a proper goodbye would have been in order.

Shaq, if you are reading this, dont worry mate! You have always been the best morning show host out of all radio stations for years, and im sure you will remain so no matter what obstacle comes your way, dont forget you hav ehad many a co-host in the past, no one survived and they have now faded to oblivion or nothingness now.

So dont worry mate the morning show community is behind you!!

:From a morning show community member named Nathan ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok here is a blodspot for the YES FM morning show communtiy and its listners. go ahead post some comments and enjoy yourselves

Anonymous said...

Ok the inside scoop from within Yes FM is that Shaq had kicked Mark out, for what reason no one knows. Luckily Mark had an offer from E! which he then decided to take.

Information regarding why and ow it all happened is a bit hazy, but end of the day it seemed to have been Shaq's decision rather than Marks. This would probably explain why he refused to talk about it on air and still remains quite cold about the whole topic.

All i can say is that the only morning show with some potential is now gone! I wish both the very best!

Anonymous said...


He will not admit to it for fear of his life and family.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that Shaq was doing superfax and then left joined sun fm ( when it started ) and came back to yes to do the morning show. Its a case of everyone jumping from one station to another !!.

Mark was not kicked out, he just left without giving notice cuz he got a better offer with a management position at E plus he will be doing a show on ETV soon as well.

DOes anyone know what happned to
Nash ( Thoshan ) ?

Anonymous said...

Thoshan (Nash) is now the manager of Dhirens Night club Tramps @ Galadari

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Kevin J who worked at YES FM?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I think its time to clear a lot of things up.

First of all i must appolagise for not saying my goodbyes, if i was on air the next day i would have done so, but everything happens for a reason.

Its been tough chillin at home after almost 8 years of hard labour(actually it was pathetically 'soft' a good way!.Its great to know that all of you are behind me and the fact that i know you will understand 'how the cookie crumbled' in the days to come.

Let me quickly use this space to wish all of the Morning show community memebers and everyone else who had good wishes and thoughts in there hearts. GOD BLESS.

there were no arguments there were no squables just brothers and sistas in showbiz..this is what its all about.

Miss talking to all of you every morning but as one actor CUM governer said..


Also big love to the guys behind this website, good on you, its very good that you have this for all of us to share our thoughts.

mark k.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark,

I knew you were not given the oportunity to say goodbye to us. It's not like you to just walk out on your listeners. The Yes Fm morning show is now down in the dumps without you.

I for one will tune into what ever show you are doing on what ever station. If the rumors are correct, congrads are in order for joining the E! fm.

Good luck!

ex yes fm morning show listener

Anonymous said...

hey guys, I used to be a big Mark fan.back in the day @ EFM, he did the evening show with JD(joyful Dude). Then he left E & country. Later joined ABC Radio for sometime. AT ABC he did bit of markerting and left it. later Mark said that he hated ABC Job. Then 2002, he joined YESFm. He built bigger profile. I was told, reason for his departure is that, he was offered a managerial position with a big pay cheque( close to Rs.130,000 per month). In the recent past, Colombo Communication got in to lot of troubles(e.g closure of Raja Fm).So EAP has removed the man in charge,and placed a new guy(not sure about removal,check your sources as well). So Mark Cross will be involved in programing aspects of EFm initially. some one told me that JD is a drug addict,cannot confirm it. As per Kevin J, he went to Australia. If you happened to Jason Bond 009 from SUN fm breakfast show,now he is doing the TRS show @ YESfm. I like Jason a lot.When Jason bond was the programs manager at SUN,he really took the SHIT out of SUN. Now SUN SUCKS

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Yes FM Morning show is best morning show in Sri Lanka without any argument. I think Siras FM's "Sooriya Sirasa" is the best & number one morning show in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

I listen to LITE89.2.They have a decent morning show called LITE cafe with my main man Jay.Since Yesfm morning show is no longer very popular,all the other radio stations trying to attract the ExYesfm morning show listners in to their respective shows.Out of all that Sunfm breakfastdrive is really PATHETIC.DJ Sri & other joker trying to impress listners by saying lame jokes.Here Dj Sri trying to be Bossy(like Shaq)trying to score points with listners(Lady Listners.. I guess).Correct me,if I am wrong,who wants to listen to a Womanizer early in the morning.I higly rate lITE cafe,because they play different kind of music and they do a professional job by keeping dignity of both RP and Listner. I suggest that EFM better have a islandwide frequency as well.otherwise they cant compete with other radio stations.

Melissa said...

Was just running through and read about good DJs? Mark was a good DJ but he never sounded good when he was alone. he was good as long as he had a good dj to back him up like shack or the other guy at Efm when he was there. guys who stood out alone are very few. Nash who was on Sun fm was on of the best the country has heard. his sundrive was rated number one for over 3 years in the ad and media circles. he is now a part owner of the Tramps nightclub at Galadari. shame... he was funny and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Was just running through and read about Mark? Mark was a good DJ but he never sounded good when he was alone. he was good as long as he had a good dj to back him up like shack or the other guy at Efm when he was there. guys who stood out alone are very few. Nash who was on Sun fm was on of the best the country has heard. his sundrive was rated number one for over 3 years in the ad and media circles. he is now a part owner of the Tramps nightclub at Galadari. shame... he was funny and entertaining.

Rakitha Perera said...

Hi guys,
I came to SL after 8 years..Do anybody of you knows what happened to "Casper" & "RJ" on Sun FM..???

Rakitha Perera said...

Hi guys,
I came to SL after 8 years..Do anybody of you knows what happened to "Casper" & "RJ" on Sun FM..???
and I saw Warren(TJ) on MTV.. :)

thilina dhanapala said...

what happen to shaq and mark in E FM. did they leave the show?