Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Voice of Asia Networks to launch English Radio Station

Voice of Asia Networks the operators of Siyatha FM have formulated plans to launch an English Language Radio station and test transmissions are likely to commence towards the end of this month. This is in addition to the launch of Siyatha TV which is likely to take place next month.

The frequency of the English Radio station is not known yet. Please keep us updated on the latest news on these developments as the days progress.

We could expect to see a plethora of television and radio stations commencing transmission soon due to the stance taken by the government to cancel all licenses issued over the last few years if the license holders do not commence stations.


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Marco said...

For everybody who wants hot news yesfm is gonna lose SHAQ probably at the end of this month as he will be joining E, so this means Ross is gonna be by himself or might be teamed with Cleo let's wait & see.