Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dialog Satellite TV vs Consumer Affairs Authority

Dialog Satellite TV has filed action against the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) in the Supreme Court for interfering in its affairs. It seems that the CAA has said that Dialog have no authority to carry out a DTH pay television operation. It is interesting to note that the CAA failed and turned a blind eye to the customers of CBNsat (now known as Dialog TV) when they were being deprived of services due to interferences from vested interests in high places.

It is the duty of the CAA to protect Dialog subscribers and subscribers of other organizations when they are being exploited instead of destroying their credibility by barking on behalf of people in high places.

We are sure that the people who failed to keep CBNsat shut are the people behind the move of the CAA and these shadowy figures (who have being mentioned by name in the CBNsat Blog) should be exposed and put to shame publicly. These people are indeed messing around with the wrong organization and Dialog should take severe action against these individuals who do business using unethical methods.

It is sickening to see that these people go to such great lengths using the influence that they have among the higher ups in society to achieve petty objectives even after failing previously.

Please note that we are unable to find any references to this issue except for the fact that it was mentioned in a news report yesterday.