Friday, August 10, 2007

Dialog TV completes phase one of channel expansion

Dialog TV has completed Phase one of their channel expansion plan. At the moment Dialog has 54 channels including the latest addition Star Movies, Star World, Star Vijay, Star Plus, Star Cricket, Ten Sports, Neo Sports, Neo Sports Plus, Hallmark, God TV, The Buddhist and several other channels. It looks like that it will increase to 55 channels since Dialog are planning to launch their very own local channel, but this is however not confirmed.

Dialog are already planning for the launch of their fourth transponder which would include several more channels and probably a few Fox television channels available in this region if negotiations are completed successfully. This comes ahead of the planned launch of SLT IPTV, Comet Digital and also an aggressive channel expansion being carried out by LBN.

For more on Dialog TV please visit the Dialog TV Forum.

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