Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Radio Eka on FM 104.5

The radio station which was initially thought of as being started by EAP in place of Raja FM is actually the station which would have been owned by the Jathika Hela Urumaya. The license of the station was bought by Mr. Hemaka head of Singer for a sum of Rs 110/= million and is presently being tested as "Radio Eka".

At the moment only Swarnavahini is carrying out the advertising for this radio channel.


Anonymous said...

How can you say so surely that Hemaka have bought the licence given to JHU. Are you a "Gal Kolla" of UNP who give your ass to the tiger terrorists.

You'll get screwed soon admin if you act like this !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey keep the politics out from here. These third party slogans are coming from the helpers of JHU & JVP.
Anyway keep the politics out from here.
People know what these political parties did and doing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

1)FM 104.5 owned by Mr.Hemaka Amarasuriya.It was named as "Radio Eka".Testing is on air but They have no plan to broadcast a channel immediatly.B coz they start their channel for protect the expiration of licence.He bought that Licence by Jathika Hela Urumaya for Rs.110 million.

2)EAP Network did not any connection with above Channel.Their New Raja FM is on test in 102.2 fm(It is not clear in Greater Colombo area)

Anonymous said...

Hela Urumaya dont need any Benz or any Radio channel to sell..Those are MUD MUD MUD...dont waist you time..all are lies..

Anonymous said...

Please not that i don't want to talk politics here in this blog but there is some thing i want to tell. If you search the net radio eka then you will get political column Sunday times if you go there is a article
about this radio eka. I ts about the Man gala & sripathi if you read the article carefully you will get this. Samaraweera and close associates finalized a part of their media campaign. Radio Eka (or Radio One) is the name of a 24-hour news channel that will be launched by them on March 1. In addition, armed with a TV licence, Samaraweera associates have also been planned to start a television news channel. But the Government appears to have got wind of the move. The Media Ministry has now decreed that all those who are recipients of new TV licenses should ensure their equipment is in place within 45 days. Samaraweera group, it transpires, are unable to have such equipment in place before the deadline. this article they have publish in 25 th February 2007. but this 104.05 is owned by jathika helaurumaya because if red Sunday leader on 2007. 08.19 you can get all the information about this.

Anonymous said...


Recently there is another exellent radio station coming on air.its frequencies are

102.2 colombo
104.5 ratnapura
95 down south
91.5 uva
101.3 kandy & rajarata

...................ENjoy it

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