Friday, September 07, 2007

E FM to be revamped?

It looks like English Language Radio station E FM may be gearing up to take on a whole new look. For sometime E FM was doing fairly well along with the other stations but the lack of a target audience and the departure of certain DJ's along with some really badly presented shows has brought E FM into an all time low.

With rumors that Mark may have joined the station after his departure from Yes FM it looks like the station is going to be given a face lift. According to some remarks made by the DJ's there are supposedly some new shows that will be introduced but the overall picture is still unclear. It seems that the changes may occur this month. The website has been taken replaced with a single page saying "Coming Soon" giving a further indication of the impending changes.

We are unable to confirm whether Mark has actually joined the station and we are unable to confirm on exactly when it will happen. Neither do we know whether the revamp will be total or whether it will be limited to the introduction of a few new shows.

However E FM is a station that needs a whole new look and a few new shows will not be sufficient since they have been unable to retain their listeners over the last few years with boring competitions that have lasted for years, such as "Rick the Rooster" which has become a major turn off for most listeners. For a station which has adopted the tag line "We do things differently" nothing new has surfaced on it for years.

We hope that anyone who has any information on the changes that may happen at E FM will provide the information via comments or by emailing us.


AMD said...

I can confirm that mark has joined E and is due to start his program on the 10th. They have also done some photo shoots with mark for press ads and billboards.

Anonymous said...

man thats the best news i have recieved in a long time, mark is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark is back!!!!

mark if your reading this i hope you remember me, i came to mtv a long time ago with my brother who was on your show...planet pulse sucks ass now, hope your on tv soon too.

all the best and god bless you.


Randall De Zilva said...

looks like admin's second fav station great defi there is money involved.There are sum military marketeers who have joined e let's call them the three amigo's who can't live without each other.E is E Mark or whoever cannot change there promos that they had like slut of the week and who could forgot the former director Mahen Perera the worst asshole in the planet thanks to whom lots of people were sent home may E rot in hell.

gibbs said...

hey E fm ..

it is a big time news that E fm relaunch yeah its something Diffetent ....Mark is back ....he will do something difftent do whole E fm one s for sure .... Mark will do new things for sure ...sudden departure 4 m yes fm yes morning show went upside down they have recruet new one bt still nothing new ...we know mark is true talnet guys he can do EEEEEEEE we lo0ve u mark

all tha very best
do something difftent and expan the radio to out sation


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