Monday, September 03, 2007

Website to check the ratings of programmes watched by your children

At present there are several free to air and pay television plaforms available in the country. These platforms carry a variety of local and foreign television programmes. Although there is no local body that rates the locally produced programmes, we hope that the website (the link is given at the bottom of the post) that we are about to introduce to you will help you check on the western programmes (mainly American ones) that are shown over the local airwaves.

This organization called the Parents Television Council is an American based organisation that provides some vital information on the contents of most American television shows and we have found that this website will be particularly helpful for parents who want to regulate or know more about the programmes watched by their children.

At present this website has rated most of the American programmes available over free to air and pay television in Sri Lanka. It is a well known fact that what is accepted socially in Sri Lanka may be quite different to what is accepted in America but we hope that this website will serve as a guide line for the concerned parents. Also note that some channels in this region air programmes by removing the offensive material that may have caused a programme to be given severe rating.

Information about how a programme is rated and what a rating indicates and at times why the programme was given the rating is available for most television programmes listed on the website. We hope that this website serves as a guideline but the parent/guardian has to be the ultimate judge. A rating can be checked on selecting the programme on the drop down box on the top left hand corner indicated by the words "Look up a TV show" just below the option "File an FCC Complain". Please note that further navigation of the website will reveal even more television shows such as those that have already being taken off air in the USA.

Parents Television Council USA :

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