Monday, October 08, 2007

"RAN FM" launched officially

Sri Lanka's latest Sinhala Language Radio Station has been officially launched from today. Many would have noticed the advertisements on the Sunday Times and Sunday Lankadeepa yesterday. This channel is owned and operated by Colombo Communications Limited which is a subsidiary of the EAP Group of Companies.

This station will carry a mix of adult contemporary music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and operates on the following frequencies

Western Province - FM 102.2
North/Central Province - FM 101.3
Southern Province - FM 95
Sabaragamuwa Province - FM 104.5
Uva Province - FM 91.5


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Anonymous said...

This is the same frequency as Raja FM so they are the porn station is it???? dont know whther they will do the same thing. again. we have to be vigilant. Also they had Swarnoli on the same frequencis also kalioli. looks like this is a broiler chicken Channel...

Anonymous said...

I think the best is SLBC & there are several others like V fm, Siyatha, Lakhanda


Pola said...

Hey people please don't just publish here what u think.Just listen up & feel the difference.Songs they play are the best selections.I myself have personally listened.

There can be different channels operating on the same frequency.When they think that they have to change the content, they have the right to do so.Take Y FM -(One of the Sirasa channels ) as an example.First Classic Radio was operated on 92.6 bt when they saw people are nt listening they changed it.That's the nature.

Anonymous said...

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