Monday, November 26, 2007

E FM to broadcast from Crescat this Christmas

Amidst the recent withdrawal of ABC Radio licenses and the relaunch of E FM it seems that competition among the English radio stations is increasing and the approaching Christmas season has pushed it up a notch.

For the past few years Yes FM has been broadcasting from Crescat and this time E FM would be at Crescat. We are unable to confirm whether Yes FM would also be broadcasting from Crescat or from another location. There is a chance that they may remain in their studio.

This is the first time that E FM would be moving out of their studio for the Christmas season and carrying out an outdoor event of this scale. The Crescat broadcast is expected to commence from next week.

Undoubtedly listeners of English Language radio stations can expect some great promotions from all stations as this festive season approaches.


AMD said...

I heard that YES FM didnt get a good deal this year from the CRESCAT management so they didnt wanna move there for xmas. I guess Mark used his influence and got E in !!!

Anonymous said...

According to the management at crescat, Yes Fm was too late in tieing up with them. I guess e fm beat them to it this year. crescat is the best shopping location in the city.

Anonymous said...

Well that maybe the crescat version of the story. The agreement was with YES all these years but this year YES was unhappy with location of the studio given to them, so thats the main reason for. Anyways good going for E. They seem to be putting their fingers into everything thease days!

Anonymous said...

why is this sort of language allowed ???

Anonymous said...

all sri lanka radio channels are just crap

they told give good quality programs
just bla bla bla

Anonymous said...

Please we have to stop these type of language as you might know we all are talking abt english language radio channels not sinhala