Monday, November 12, 2007

Sat Net to launch radio and television station

Sat Net (Pvt) Ltd., headed by Mr. Lakshman Hullugalle, Director of the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) which played a role in the closure of CBNsat (now Dialog TV) and also has been accused of being the motivator behind the closure of Asian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) resulting in the loss of 5 radio stations will commence a Sinhala Language Radio and Television Station very shortly in collaboration with United Telecom. This is in addition to being the distributor for Indian DTH service provider "Dish TV" in Sri Lanka.

We have no other details pertaining to the two stations such as frequencies or when they are expected to commence, however since they have commenced the recruitment drive the launch can be expected in a few months time.

The radio station was being delayed due to a lack of frequencies and it was reported that Mr. Hullugalle made use of the ABC saga to force a closure in order to grab a few frequencies for his radio station.

It is sad to see that the GOSL is not taking any interest in the introduction of digital radio and this has given rise to the culture of closing an existing station in order to provide a license and frequency to a government stooge.


Anonymous said...

Is this information offical or just ruomers.

Anonymous said...

this is true, ple refer todays daily news they have advertised for recrutments.

Anonymous said...

CBNsat closure was motivated by him,but there is truth in what administrator is saying about ABC.ABC was a UNP mouth piece and there news was 100% what was appearing in the pro LTTE Daily Mirror,Duminda Silva and Sajith Premadasa.The administrator is like the FMM or Sunanda Deshapriya and pokes finger every shit he doesnt know.From the onset we have understood where his priorities are this man is no differant to Raynor Silva and the rest who tries to promote his vested interest by compromising national security and the country itself.

Anonymous said...

hari.. dan ara anith post eke sinhalen banapu booruwa ingrisiyen dodawanna patan aran... gona

Anonymous said...

What is done by the government stooges may or may not be true.

But as a public news reported (kind of) you should have some responsibility.

By posting the news directly against the government, as if Hulluballa's involvement was publicly confirmed, is being biased. Ultimately you become equal to the news reporters on ABC. Liars.

Admin, we liked you before, but now you are becoming biased. Or else you are finally showing your true colours.

Please stop publicly pointing fingers and try to take a negative stand. Do not support anyone.

We don't care if you are supporting UNP, SLFP, JVP or else, as long as you report unbiased news and do not bring politics in to it.

Anonymous said...

Duminda Silva joined the PA and ABC got the permission to recommence their broadcasting.... News

Now what do you say ?
Was it happened due to the national security?
Did they closed it due to a threat for NS or for MR?

I am asking this from all the idiots who represents the MR's fucking government

Anonymous said...

Duminda Silva brings sunshine to the government

(LeN, Nov.13, 10.40 PM) 'LeN' learns that the United National Party (UNP) Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva, brother of the owner of the five ABC radio channels that were recently banned, has joined the government.

Duminda Silva was a main financial power in UNP. He has decided to join the government after a discussion he had with the President thei evening (12) and expected to be appointed as an electoral organizer.

'LeN' learns that Silva's joining to the government has resolved the problems of the banned ABC radio channels, Silva's personal cases as well as the issues government had with the ABC Company.

Anonymous said...

He would have joined the governmet because its a known fact that Mr.Bean will never come to power.

Anonymous said...

He would have joined the governmet because its a known fact that Mr.Bean will never come to power.....