Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Seasonal Movies commence today

English Language Television Channel "Art TV" will be spreading the festive cheer commencing tonight (Nov 6th) with an array of Seasonal Movies.

Nov 6th @ 9pm - Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus
Nov 9th @ 9pm - A Boyfriend for Christmas
Nov 13th @ 9pm - A chance of snow
Nov 16th @ 9pm - Picking up and dropping off
Nov 20th @ 9pm - A different kind of Christmas
Nov 23rd @ 9pm - George Lopez
Nov 27th @ 9pm - Angel in the family
Dec 11th @ 9pm - Ms. Scrooge

Art TV has more movies lined up as we head into December, and as they have done over the years we can expect them to telecast a Seasonal movie everyday in the last two weeks leading upto Christmas. In addition ETV may replace its Family Movie belt with "ETV Seasonal Movie" and Channel One MTV may also start airing seasonal programmes as we approach December.

In the pay television front "Hallmark Channel" has lined up an array of Seasonal movies which commence on December 13th. HBO Asia are also to unveil their seasonal movie lineup. Usually HBO Asia has the schedules for two months posted on the website but this time only the schedule for November is available and the schedule for December has not been unveiled yet due to the scheduling of movies for the festive season.

We will keep you updated further as the days progress. We request all seasonal movie buffs to keep us updated also on the seasonal movies that are to be telecast over the local and pay television channels as and when they are unveiled.

So here's an early Ho Ho Ho to all our readers.

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